Why limit yourself to one way to get fit when there are so many great ways to optimise your healthy lifestyle?  Find the right gym near you, combine it with the best workout routine for your body, and take time to consider other activities that will make you feel great.

2024 is the year to try something new with the Hussle guide to the latest fitness trends and the old favourites for the New Year.

1. Set realistic goals

Goal-setting never grows old, but what if there are new ways to do it? Dig into behavioural science to ground your goals in research-backed methods that will propel you to even more success in 2024.  Essential reading: ‘Setting realistic fitness goals for the New Year’.

2. Fuel yourself properly

Make 2024 the year you use nutrition to fuel your body to lift more, run further, and recover better. Diet fads come and go but sensible nutrition never goes out of style. Starting your day with protein and fibre will help you hit your goals.  Essential reading: ‘5 Great pre workout breakfast ideas’.

3. Avoid fitness failures

It sucks to set goals and then fall off the wagon a few weeks later. Protect yourself from the pitfalls by identifying areas you need to focus on. Do you need more information, support, accountability, or do you just need to find somewhere new and exciting to work out?  Essential reading:  ‘7 Reasons why your fitness goals may fail’.

4. Master the basics

Is 2024 the year you make fitness a priority? Exciting times! It can be super overwhelming to try and work out the best way to train in the gym. Don’t overthink it, just focus on the basics like a good beginner workout and being consistent.  Essential reading:  ‘Gym workouts for beginners’.

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5. Work with a Personal Trainer

Investing in a personal trainer is a great way to get through a training plateau, work towards a specific goal, or simply learn how to train properly for your body. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. In fact you could save money by getting rid of the overthinking, second guessing and overwhelm that comes with training alone. Why not use Hussle and look for gyms near me with personal trainers?  Essential reading: ‘Are personal trainers worth the money?

6. Get a fitness buddy

Getting fit is more fun with a friend! To make your 2024 fitness goals more enjoyable (and probably more successful), find a friend or family member who enjoys the same type of workouts. Arrange to meet for runs, sign up for the same classes, or head to the gym at the same time.

7. Revisit a childhood sport

What kind of activity did you enjoy as a child? Why not go back to it in 2024. Most sports have taster sessions at local clubs. Take the plunge and book in, it might just ignite a passion you’d forgotten about.

8. Invest in a fitness tracker

Why not add a fitness tracker to your Christmas wishlist and start 2024 motivated by your own data? There are so many trackers on the market these days, from simple step and activity trackers to those that monitor your sleep, and those which hook up with 3rd party apps for all your outdoor activities and sports.  Essential reading:  ‘The most popular wearable fitness trackers for the gym’

9. Find the right gym for you

The place you train is so important for your motivation. If you need a new gym for 2024, use Hussle to find the right gym for you. Search gyms near me and use Hussle Monthly+ to have unlimited access to multiple gyms in your area.

10. Add swimming to your routine

Most of us haven’t swum since childhood, but swimming is an incredible way to work on base fitness, build functional muscle, and get a great cardio workout. Make 2024 the year you find your nearest pool with Hussle’s location finder and get those lengths in!  Essential reading:  ‘Does swimming build muscle?

11. Start strength training

If you’ve never lifted weights, now’s the time to get started. Strength training doesn’t have to be barbells – you could also do calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, or weights machines. Adding strength training to your fitness routine will improve your physique and future-proof your bones, metabolism, and posture. Head to Hussle for price-matched gym membership with extra benefits.

12. Get workout frequency right

Whether you’re starting a fitness journey or switching up your goals, you need to hit that sweet spot between training enough but not training too much. Workout frequency is the science of how many sessions to hit per week. Get that right and you’ll make faster progress.  Essential reading:  ‘How many days a week should I train?

13. Enjoy functional fitness training

Functional fitness is having a moment, so why not see if it’s for you? Use the functional fitness area in your gym, or seek out a local PT or fitness facility that specialises in functional training and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of functional fitness.

14. Join a fitness community

There’s never been a better time to find your people within fitness. There are strong communities of like-minded people in sports clubs, at gyms, and even via online training groups. Find your tribe to skyrocket your motivation and accountability.

15. Workout in nature

Taking your workouts into the great outdoors has proven benefits for your mental health and wellbeing, as well as challenging your body in different ways. Walk, hike, run, cycle and explore your way to fitness by accessing what nature has put on your doorstep.

16. Get adventure-fit for summer

Do you admire the fitness of great outdoor explorers? Summer 2024 could be your time to shine. Start now by getting fit enough to hike, climb, paddleboard or open water swim to your heart’s content.

17. Book a fitness holiday

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a moment, so why would it stop when you’re away on holiday? Blend your leisure time with your fitness passion in 2024 by booking a fitness holiday or retreat. You might even come back fitter than before!

18. Nail your nutrition

Healthy eating shouldn’t be complicated. If you feel a little lost, remember the basics then find a style of eating that fits with your lifestyle. Protein with every meal and snack, carbohydrates for energy, good fats for health, and fibre from wholegrains, fruit, and vegetables.

19. Become injury-proof

Look after your body so you can enjoy your favourite workouts for life. Stretch and do mobility work. Walk for your wellbeing. Don’t overtrain by doing too many sessions a week. Listen to your body for signs of tiredness, pain, low motivation, and appetite changes.

20. Get started with a flexible gym pass

Not sure what you want your 2024 fitness journey to look like? Don’t rush the decision. Use Hussle Monthly+ to get unlimited access to multiple gyms, pools, and fitness facilities near you so you can make the perfect choice.

21. Try digital home workouts

Online workouts can be so convenient. No need to go to the gym, find time to travel, or think about what you should be doing. Just log on, get started, and let the instructor guide you through. Find your perfect digital workout, or use Hussle Monthly+ to get access to Yogaia (as well as your unlimited Hussle gym access).

22. Sign up for an event

Nothing says motivation like seeing a sports event or race in the diary! Over the Christmas break, why not go online to see what takes your fancy. It might be a local 10K running race, an obstacle course race, triathlon, fitness challenge, or even a marathon! The world’s your oyster so get booked in and start training.

23. Make stretching a priority

We all know we should stretch more. It’s great for recovery, helps avoid injury, and it feels good. Let’s pledge to remember to stretch in 2024. Use free online content, sign up to an app, start going to yoga, or just set aside 5 minutes after your workout sessions. Future-you will be grateful!

You’re never too far from a gym near you! Hussle has 1000s of gyms, pools, spas and fitness centres all over the UK, and easy ways to access them to suit your goals.