Should I get a personal trainer near me?

Having a Personal Trainer can make a huge difference to your fitness progress. Personal Trainers aren’t just for super-fit people with big fitness goals. Everyone can benefit from working with a PT. Here’s what to think about when you’re looking for a Personal Trainer near me.

Different types of personal trainers in the UK

The most common way of working with a Personal Trainer is in a gym, but there are lots of ways to have a Personal Trainer. If you’re a member of a gym, there will be plenty of Personal Trainers who work there. They will offer 1-to-1 training sessions and may even write you a training plan to follow on other days. You could also hire a freelance Personal Trainer who may have their own private studio, or could come to the gym where you have a membership.

You don’t even need to go to the gym to have a Personal Trainer. Plenty of Personal Trainers will train you in your own home or in public areas like the local park, and will write you a training plan using home gym equipment.

There are also online Personal Trainers who offer virtual training and support. The benefit of online training is that you can work with your chosen Personal Trainer regardless of location, and get support between sessions.

Is the Personal Training industry big?

Before Covid, the UK had about 57,000 Personal Trainers. The industry lost about 25% of its value during lockdown, when close contact was limited and people started working out at home or exploring other forms of fitness. According to data experts Statista, the Personal Training industry is expected to grow by about 18% in 2022. So if you’re looking for a Personal Trainer, you’re in good company!

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5 reasons to hire a personal trainer

Like any expert, a Personal Trainer can help you get better results in a faster time thanks to their experience and knowledge.

Training planned for you

When you have a PT, you won’t have to worry about planning your own workouts (or second guess what you’re doing). They know how to plan personalised sessions that help you reach your goal. No more wondering what to do in the gym.

Up to date expertise

A Personal Trainer will be qualified and well-read in everything to do with exercise. You can trust them to give you proper advice that is based in science and research.

Equipment and facilities

Your Personal Trainer will have access to fitness facilities and equipment that will get you to your goal more quickly. A mobile PT can bring fitness equipment to you, and many trainers will have their own fully-equipped fitness studios.

Accountability and motivation

When you have a Personal Trainer you like and respect, you will be motivated to work harder. They will hold you accountable to your training sessions, and to the tasks you’ve agreed on during the week.

Tailored training for your body

Your Personal Trainer will always design training sessions to match your background, experience levels, ad goals. Every session will be customised to you.

Are there any downsides to having a personal trainer?

There are lots of benefits to having a Personal Trainer, but it might not be the right decision for this stage of your fitness journey. The average cost of a PT session is £50, although this will obviously be cheaper in some areas of the UK. Getting a PT in a gym in London will cost more than hiring one in a gym in a small town.

Does the cost of PT sessions fit your budget right now? If cost is an issue, you could look at online or hybrid coaching, or small group training where PTs train more than one person per session.

What are the alternatives to having a personal trainer

If you don’t want a personal trainer right now, there are various other ways to get extra fitness support. Why not take a look at the digital and online options out there, like Yogaia, Les Mills On Demand and FIIT, or in-home services like Peloton and Hydrow.

How to use a personal trainer in your fitness programme

Whether you’re a fitness beginner or have been training for years, a good Personal Trainer will design and deliver personalised training sessions that will help you reach your goals more quickly than if you trained alone.

Having a Personal Trainer gives you access to equipment, training methods, and up to date knowledge that can skyrocket your progress and keep you safe from injury and burnout.

Hussle is here to help. Our huge network of gyms and studios (some of them with in-house Personal Trainers) is a great resource whether you have a gym membership, train at home, or use digital fitness.

If you need occasional gym access for your PT sessions, Hussle is a great way to access one-off gym bookings to complement your fitness plan.

Personal trainers in gyms near me

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