Having a gym membership is nothing new. The rise of people getting involved with health and fitness by committing to a contract with a gym has been increasing steadily year on year. In 2019, it was reported that in the UK, 1 in 7 people were a member of a gym.

And it seems the pandemic hasn’t changed people’s desire to access health and fitness facilities. It’s been reported that ‘When will UK gyms open?’ has been searched for over 1.4bn times. That’s 2114% more than the same search term about pubs. Fitting fitness in has never been more important.

Fitness plays a different but essential role in people’s lives. Everyone has their own preferences regarding frequency, type of exercise, equipment, and level of fitness. That means not everyone’s gym choice is the same.

There are a few options to choose from when picking the perfect gym, ranging from an independent studio to a large chain. We need to assess the location, the range of equipment, price, type of contract, and accessibility. It can often be hard to find one that hits all those nails on the head.

Then there’s this other variable that comes into play and is quite an unpredictable one. It’s called life. If recent times have taught us anything, it’s that life is really unpredictable. We don’t know what’s around the corner, and things can change in a heartbeat. No month is the same. No week is the same. And sometimes, no day is the same. That makes having a lengthy commitment to one gym in one location isn’t always ideal.

There is no ‘one sizes fits all’ solution. Or is there? Enter the multi-gym membership.

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What is multi gym membership?

It’s as simple as it sounds. Rather than being a gym member at just one location, you have access to multiple gyms in multiple locations.

This means that even if something changes, like your work, home, or partner’s location, there’s still a gym you can use nearby.

Many clubs have begun to see the benefit in this, with larger chains offering access to several venues at a premium price for your membership. However, Hussle does things differently.



How does Hussle do multi gym membership?

Most gym memberships require long term contractual commitment to a single location. You pick a gym, and you use it. There’s no wiggle room.

At Hussle, we understand that flexibility is essential. There are lots of different reasons we need flexibility when it comes to our fitness. Because life doesn’t always go in a straight line. Because things can change quickly for us. Because anything can happen. Because we need variety to stay motivated. Because we want to mix it up a bit. Because our fitness can ebb and flow.

That’s why, with Hussle, you can get one pass that gives you access to a massive network of different gyms all around the UK. Our Monthly+ Pass lets you go to various types of gyms, all with different equipment, in other locations, whenever you want. It’s not a contract. You can stop and start it whenever you want. If things change for you, just pause your pass and restart it again when you feel like it.

So, if one day it’s handy to have a gym near work and the next it’s better to workout near home, then that’s cool. If you usually prefer a smaller boutique gym but on occasion want to try a bigger facility with a pool, then that’s cool. If your routine varies and not always in the same place, then that’s cool. And if you need to travel and want a membership that gives you access to gyms in multiple UK cities, then guess what? That’s cool too.



What are the benefits of multi gym membership?

Some are just obvious. And some you might not have known you needed. There are multiple benefits to using multiple gyms. Because we’ve not used that word enough.


When it comes to finding your perfect gym membership, the most common search is ‘what’s the nearest gym to me?’ That’s because fitness needs to be made accessible to make it a part of your hectic and ever-changing lifestyle. When you have a multi-gym membership, this isn’t a worry. Because even if your location changes, whether that be throughout the day, week, or across a year, there’s always going to be a gym close to you. No more calculating how long it would take you to get from the gym to your partner’s house, the gym to your meeting, or the gym to work.


It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re weighing up your options, but having access to various facilities is helpful to keep things fresh and keep you motivated to use gyms. If you’re able to try out different gym floors with new workout equipment, pools, and spas, then you’ll be able to explore more types of fitness. Try out different exercises. Find other workouts you like. Get inspired by others around you. No more getting into a monotonous routine where no progress is made.


Many people like to work out with a pal because it’s the only time they have for a catch-up or because it helps with motivation. But when you don’t share the same gym with someone, which is quite likely, this is pretty much impossible to do.

A multi-gym membership would let you give your friends and family a visit to their gym. Making fitting fitness in a social thing. A Hussle Day Pass would let your pal come try out your favourite location too. In fact, you get £20 credit on your account when you refer a friend. So, no more lonely gym sessions.



Flexible fitness is the way it’s got to be. To make it all a little bit easier. Multi-gym access is at the heart of that. Just because you like one gym doesn’t mean you don’t fancy a go at some of the rest. Be poly-gym-orous. Hussle is the UK’s largest network of gyms where you can finally fit fitness around your life, not the other way around.