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One of the biggest perks about a gym membership is access to a load of equipment that makes working out much easier. Rather than spending time figuring out how we can target different muscles using different exercises and movements, there are machines on the gym floor that are there to give our muscle groups that exact workout they’re looking for.

Don’t get it wrong, free weights are fantastic. They’re versatile and easily accessible. Great for interval style training and circuit exercises. Free weights might be your preferred equipment. That’s cool.

But there’s something special about the machines. Taking the effort out of deciding what to do. Offering easy progression from one load to the next. Supporting your form during the motions. Helping you isolate certain muscles to target them directly. And there’s something for each and every muscle group. So, when we work our way through them, we know we’ve not neglected anything.

Gym machines that work our legs are a little bit more obvious and straight forward. The leg press, leg extension, and seated leg curl are all machines that are pretty easy to navigate. When it comes to arms, there’s plenty of choice. Which can make them a bit more daunting to approach. Using gym machines is a great way to get a full arm workout in with no hassle. Just the Hussle.

So, if you’re looking to get into fitness or weight training. Or just want to mix up your usual exercise routine. Which machines are the best to hop onto on arm day? Here’s a list of our favourites.


The Bicep Curl Machine: Biceps

The bicep curl or preacher curl machine helps you emulate the bicep curl movement, which you guessed it, works the bicep. But it also engages the muscles in your lower arm too. The ones you need for everyday movements like picking things up.



The Seated Dip Machine: Triceps

The seated dip mimics the tricep dip that you would use your body weight for. But it also engages the muscles in the chest and shoulders.



Seated Row Machine: Back

Okay, so we’ve moved on from just targeting the arms. But the seated row is a powerful piece of equipment for achieving a compound exercise. It focuses on your back, but will also engage the muscles in your upper arms and forearms.



Lat Pull Down Machine: Lats

The clue is in the name here, the lat pull down focuses on targeting your latissimus dorsi, a large muscle in your lower back. However, it too is a compound exercise meaning it also works your biceps and forearms to help you do the movement.



Chest Press Machine: Chest

Another slightly obvious one, the chest press targets your chest. You guessed it. It’s not to the only muscle group involved. Your biceps, deltoids, and lats all play a role too.



Shoulder Press: Shoulders

The primary muscles involved here are your deltoids at the top of your shoulders, as well as your triceps, and traps located in your upper back.



The Cables: Everything

There’s one machine left that we want to talk about. It’s the big scary looking one with multiple sections, handles, and weights attached to it. Cable machine, pulleys, cable crossover machine, multi cable machine. Whatever you call it, it’s arguably the most versatile piece of equipment on the gym floor.

The variety of handle types and locations mean that you can do a really large range of exercises at this station. It’s easy to do a full upper body session without leaving the cables. It might take a little bit more planning and thinking of what you’re going to do. But once you’ve got a routine in mind, it can make your workout much more efficient.



Still committed to the free weights? Or ready to give the gym machines a go? Let’s Hussle.