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Top tips for running a marathon
03 February 2020

Laura Briggs

26.2 miles is a long way. But take it steady, and you too can join the marathon club. If you’re going to run that distance, you must train well | Hussle |

Veganuary, will it make a difference?
28 January 2020

Kath Webb

Did you try going vegan for January? How have you helped the environment? Is it better for the planet and your health to be vegan? | Hussle |

Exercise away the winter blues
26 January 2020

Kath Webb

Cold winter weather and dark mornings can sap our motivation for exercising. Nothing beats getting active for blowing away the winter blues. It’s time to Hussle

24 January 2020

Jessica Ambrose

We all need ammo against the winter blues. Fresh air and exercise are a good start. A healthy diet is even better. It’s time to bring on the complex carbs!

Winter blues? Here's how to beat them
21 January 2020

Kath Webb

If you think you’re suffering from the “winter blues” (often called Seasonal Affective Disorder), here’s how you should tackle it | Hussle | Improve mood

5 of the best fitness apps
19 January 2020


Scrolling down your phone is a workout for your thumbs, not your body. Using your phone to download fitness apps gets a healthy thumbs up from us | Hussle

CAN HIIT help prevent dementia?
19 January 2020

Kath Webb

Dementia has a huge impact on people and families. Fortunately, lifestyle changes can reduce your risk. Exercise, especially HIIT, can help to prevent dementia.

Fitness predictions for 2020
14 January 2020

Laura Briggs

At Hussle we love innovative, whacky and unusual new fitness crazes. We predict that 2020 is not going to disappoint! | Hussle | fitness | community |

Delicious, easy vegan meal you can prep and store
13 January 2020

Kath Webb

Looking for an easy, delicious vegan dish to prepare in advance and enjoy throughout the week? Look no further! This meal is packed with flavour and health.

Benefits of running every day
10 January 2020


There are heaps of benefits to running, not least the health aspect. If you don’t believe how good it is, here are some reasons to get the trainers on every day

Dry January? Yes, you can
07 January 2020

Jessica Ambrose

It's not too late to join the dry January masses. If you're already in, keep going. It's not for long and may change your relationship with alcohol for good.

06 January 2020

Patrick Law

2020 marks a new year and decade. A lot has changed. 10 years ago HIIT and fitness trackers were new. Fitness DVDs were the rage. And Hussle had just launched!

Engaging podcasts to listen to during your Hussle
04 January 2020

Kath Webb

Podcasts are the perfect exercise partner. Chose crime, fitness, comedy or music, podcasts keep you motivated, educated and entertained during your gym workout.

02 January 2020

Jessica Ambrose

If you're in Manchester in need of some fitness TLC, try these premium venues for a winter escape. All you need to get in are your Hussle pass and some photo ID

Mental motivation for exercise
31 December 2019

Kath Webb

What about you? Health? Enjoyment of life? Time for change. Here's how to make fitness and happiness a priority. Because your Hussle shouldn’t ever be a chore

How many calories are in your Christmas dinner?
24 December 2019

Laura Briggs

Time to over indulge and spend the rest of the year paying for it. You’ll have to run two marathons to burn off the calories you consume during Christmas dinner

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