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What makes a good fitness instructor?

What makes a good fitness instructor?

What makes one gym different from another? The machines found in gyms are often the same wherever you go. Many workouts are trademarked and standardised. The big difference is ‘the people’.

Every staff member at a gym matters. However it is mainly the fitness instructors who make all the difference between an enjoyable workout and a chore.

Fitness has long been a real profession, with recognised qualifications and standards. Fitness instructors have to take training courses, have first aid skills and keep up to date with the latest trends. The nature of the profession means that it is dominated by young people, but there is plenty of scope for older instructors. In fact many clients prefer someone more mature – someone of the same age makes an excellent role model.

Regardless of age, what are the top three qualities of a good fitness instructor?

  • They put the customer first – this means keeping to time, looking after the whole class (not just the ones at the front) and always being seen as friendly and happy. Unhappy instructors should neither be seen nor heard at the gym!
  • They empathise – a good instructor will adapt their workout and approach for their audience of the day. The instructor should also have a repertoire of tricks and tips for making exercises easier for beginners. This builds motivation and brings people back for more.
  • They are professional – teaching a favourite class to a group of friends is easy. The best instructors will be just as enthusiastic and positive when teaching a workout that they don’t enjoy. No-one should be able to tell which workout is which.

Expect no less. If your instructor doesn't do all this, try out a new gym and find one that does!