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Weird and wonderful workouts to keep you interested at the gym!

Weird and wonderful workouts to keep you interested at the gym!

By Jessica Ward

Forget abs, bums and thighs, these quirky fitness classes are the perfect way to add some fun to your training schedule.

The key to keeping up your health and fitness is finding an exercise you love - no-one wants to drag themselves to the gym. Mixing up your workout not only benefits your body, but also clears your mind by banishing the boredom. We’ve found some of the quirkiest classes and workouts on offer at our gyms that help make staying fit more fun.

Musical motivation

  • Classically-minded? How about a ballet-inspired class such as the New York City Ballet Workout. It focuses on muscle-toning and sculpting, rather than calorie burning, but still challenges balance and strength. Find out more about the benefits of the ballet workout here.
  • Feeling more modern? Try the sixties favourite with a new twist, the Powerhoop, which uses a wobbly weighted hoop to trim that waist. For those that want to be up to date with their music, Clubbercise lets you move to dance anthems from the 90s to now, livened up with glowsticks and disco lighting.

Culture class

  • Feeling nostalgic for primary school PE? Join the Rabble offers grownup versions of all your favourite playground games, like Dodgeball, Capture the Flag and British bulldog. With classes in Finsbury Park and Clapham Common, the Rabble also feature a few pop culture specials, including ‘The Hung(ov)er Games’ – a Saturday morning special, Quiddich and Game of Thrones.


  • Get back to your primal instincts with the Warrior Fit class, which adds equipment such as kettlebells and agility obstacles to a workout in the park. You can also work off some aggression at a Fight Club workout, an hour of stress-releasing kick and punch exercises with no harm done.
  • Serious about your training? The Hell Conditioning workout certainly has an eye-catching name! It is a circuit of exercise stations, supervised by a coach whose job is to turn up the intensity.

Learn to fly

  • The Aerial Hoops workout for some serious core exercising and strength building. They stress that no flying experience is needed!

The gambler

  • Like a surprise? Try Sweat Roulette, where exercises come up at random and no two workouts are the same.

Go on, try a new workout – with so much choice about there is bound to be something that you like. We’re adding new classes every day, so keep an eye on your local gym!