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Top five reasons to avoid swimming

Top five reasons to avoid swimming

Swimming is a wonderful, accessible form of exercise. Most of us live within easy reach of a swimming pool (that's dangerous river dwellers crossed off the excuse list). So why don’t more of us go swimming?

Here are the top five excuses to avoid swimming – and why they don’t wash:

1. I can’t swim! It really is never too late. There are plenty of beginner classes for adults, and instructors are much more sympathetic than you may remember from schooldays. Their reward is getting you swimming and they are there to encourage you.

2. I can swim but I suck at it! Lessons aren’t just for beginners. You can also get help if your technique needs improvement to get the most out of your swim.

3. I don’t like water in my eyes! Swimming goggles really make all the difference to comfort and technique. Put them on and remove them carefully, and rinse them in fresh water after use.

4. I can’t see properly! Swimming in an unfamiliar place can be unnerving for those who are short-sighted. Have a look round before you take off your glasses or lenses to work out where everything is. If you are going to swim regularly, consider investing in some goggles with prescription lenses.

5. I get bored! You don’t just have to do lengths. Lane swimming is only one of the ways to exercise in the water. There are all sorts of aqua-aerobics and water weights classes to liven things up. Also look for chances to join the kids on the water slides and giant floats. These are a great way to burn some calories and have some serious fun at the same time.

Go on, jump in the pool!