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Top 5 quick fitness boosters

Top 5 quick fitness boosters

There is no quick fix but there are plenty of ways to boost your fitness in quick bursts rather than drawn out training sessions. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is all the rage but it’s not always about that.

Our top five features top speedy ways to take your fitness up a notch.

1. Squash It

It may not be your favourite sport but it is one that delivers results. Squash burns 10% more calories than any other sport you choose. There are many specialised squash workouts which push you to the edge and are fun and competitive as well as fitness boosting.

2. Doggy-Style

An Australian study told us that dog owners are 77% more likely to get decent levels of exercise than non-pooch owners. You’re out and about more and some dogs may love a jog as opposed to a run. Turn walking the dog into a fitness challenge. It does wonders for your mental health as well as your physical fitness and you can be sure your furry friend will love the extra intensity.

3. Row, Row, Row

Row to 2,000 metres as fast as you can on the machine at the gym and note both your time and average speed. This is your baseline. From then on you can keep on rowing and improving your time without changing your distance. There’s scope to burn 1000 calories with the right session and all whilst sat on your glutes!

4. Park Fun

Take the kids for your regular park visit and get something extra out of it yourself. You can get them going on the swings and slides and then find yourself a bench for some triceps dips. Once you look around you’ll soon see the park is packed with makeshift exercise equipment. It beats lazily sitting down and watching the kids run riot.

5. HIIT every time

High intensity interval training works. Quick bursts pushing yourself to the max can have a better result than hours of slogging away. Get super-fit in 20 minute sessions  at the gym and tone up as well as increase endurance.

Thought you didn't have time to exercise? Think again!