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Three simple chest exercises for pecs to be proud of

Three simple chest exercises for pecs to be proud of

By Laura Briggs

Thought you wouldn’t be able to get serious chest muscles? Think again. You don’t even need weights to get great, defined pecs. All you need is yourself, a box and a chair. Follow these three simple chest exercises for a chest to be proud of.


Wide Press Up: Think standard press up; just move your hands further out to the side, past your shoulders. Do 15 of these press ups – this is a set, followed by a 1 minute rest. Complete three sets and do this exercise three times a week.


One arm press up: With one arm raised up on a box about 10cm high and the other on the floor, perform a press up and then alternate arms. This counts as one rep. Aim for 15 reps in a set, and then four sets. You should be resting for one or two minutes between each set. Do this exercise two-three times a week.


Elevated press up: This one requires you to raise your legs by putting them up on a chair or even up the stairs if you can, while you perform a press up keeping your legs straight. Do 15 press ups to a set, and then five sets.  Have a break of a minute in between. This one should be done two-three times per week.

When you’ve mastered these three simple techniques, you can get really tough on yourself and do them as a circuit. One set of each exercise one after the other, then repeating four times.

If you can handle it, then you’ll soon have pecs like an Adonis!