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The Top 5 Exercises People do Wrong

The Top 5 Exercises People do Wrong

Top Five Exercises People Do Wrong

Some of the most basic exercises that we carry out on a regular basis require the right posture, positioning and form. Many people don’t factor these elements in and just try and do the exercise as quickly as possible. Doing exercises wrong can be dangerous, cause injury and not deliver the results. Here’s a look at our top five exercises people do wrong.


Lunges are great for developing the legs, working the glutes and building up your coordination. You’re doing lunges wrong if you’re not stepping forward or back far enough, therefore putting stress on your knees.

Instead ensure the step is big enough that your knee is placed over the ankle and the upper and lower leg make a right angle. The upper body needs to be kept straight to limit stress on the back and waist.


The basis of all core strength exercises, doing the plank needs to be part of your repertoire. Your back needs to be poker straight for the plank to have any effect at all and your bottom should tucked in tight, focusing all your energies on your core. Letting your back sag will result strain to your lower back and no real abs work out.

Bicep Curls

When carrying out bicep curls your elbows should never move. You are working out your biceps and your forearms not your shoulders and this will only be achieved if your elbows are locked into place. Curl the weights towards your body with no elbow movement and a squeeze at the top.


We have already talked about the power of the squat but it’s only effective if you get it right. Maintaining the correct posture throughout is key and this means keeping your chest up high and your bottom pushed out. The movement to carry out a perfect squat should feel a little like sitting into a chair with your feet a shoulder width apart.


They may seem simple but it is possible to mis-perform the humble abdominal crunch. Straining your neck instead of working your abs is a common problem. The way to combat this is to focus on lifting your upper back from the floor, not move forward as if carrying out a sit-up. Many experts recommend picking and focusing on a spot on the ceiling as you carry out each crunch.

Getting these basic exercises right is hugely important. Do them wrong and they will have little effect - or worse, you could do yourself damage.