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The lowdown on Crossfit

The lowdown on Crossfit

Mixing all-round exercise with healthy competition, Crossfit has become very big indeed in America. It is now appearing in the UK with hopes of equal success. What is it and how can you join in?


Crossfit is a varied fitness programme that covers ten different measures of fitness, including stamina, strength and balance. The workout uses simple equipment such as weights, ropes and mats. The moves are equally simple, with emphasis on form, reps and sets.

The programme aims to increase the functional fitness essential for everyday life and long-term health.

The simplicity and sociability of Crossfit means that it is becoming very popular in the UK. All you need is standard equipment, an hour per workout and a can-do attitude. With need to queue for special gym machines, Crossfit concentrates on the essentials.


Because the workout is so wide-ranging and adaptable, it is achievable for everyone. Crossfit focuses on varied exercises done in a group. Everybody gets to know everyone else, so your workout also becomes a social occasion. If you are even a little bit competitive, you’ll also enjoy it as others cheer you on.


Crossfit trainers and gyms should meet certain standards. In particular, make sure your trainer is fully certified. That doesn’t just mean that they have completed the training courses, it also means that they have at least 750 hours of training experience. They also need the appropriate first aid certificates and insurance required by all fitness professionals.

Like any other gym, a Crossfit venue (known as a ‘box’) needs to be convenient for you, open at the right hours, clean and safe. It also needs that indefinable extra of making you feel welcome and that you are with the right people.

Crossfit uses the acronym YBF (you’ll be fine). With a good trainer and a good bunch of people, it’s true! Seek out your local Crossfit class and give it a try.


the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.