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The best ab workouts

The best ab workouts

Defining your abs is one of the holy grails when it comes to fitness training. It can be considerably harder than you think to tone up that middle section – but with some hard work and dedication, you could be boasting a rippling four-or-six-pack before you know it.

Here’s how:


They say that abs are formed in the kitchen, and this is true in that a low-calorie diet will see you on the way to better abs in the first instance. Think about cutting down on refined sugar and fatty foods, and concentrate on meals that incorporate plenty of fresh veg and good sources of protein and carbs.

Sit ups:

It’s easy to get a sit up wrong. The key is controlled movement, not to strain the back, but to fully engage your abs to lift your top half off the ground.

Regular sit ups are a key tool in your abs arsenal!

Leg raises:

Kind of like a backwards sit up, in that you lift your legs rather than your torso, these are fab for abs. Lay on your back with your hands by your side. Flex your abs and raise your legs up so they are at right angles to the ground. Keep your core engaged as you lower your legs back down.

Knee ins:

Pulling your knees in towards your chest from a sitting position will use those ab muscles and help you find that elusive definition.

Extend your legs out in front of you and then pull them back in again.

Toe touches:

We’re not talking just touching your toes here. You need to start lying on the floor, with your legs in the air. Reach your fingertips to your toes, and feel the effort from the abs.


With crunches, unlike sit ups, your lower back shouldn’t leave the floor. Using very controlled movements, your abs will get an intense workout.

Do all the above exercises with a 30 second rest between each and do a cycle of three reps.

Find time for these and you’ll soon be rubbing those abs with glee!



the author

Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running ultra marathons. In addition to training for her epic runs she finds time for strength training, Pilates and Yoga. .