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The best 4 exercises for toning your behind

The best 4 exercises for toning your behind

Getting a firm bum does not have to be tortuous. Some of the most basic exercises can really help tone up your derriere, and you don’t need much time to fit these in to your daily routine.

Try these exercises each day and you’ll see your behind get tighter in no time.


The humble squat – a friend of runners, and a great way to get a peachy behind.

Standing with a straight back and feet planted firmly on the floor about hip distance apart, sit back as if about to sit in a chair. When you’re low into the squat, push back up using your glutes for power and repeat.


Narrow lunge

The narrow lunge focuses on your rear and the glutes, so standing with one foot slightly ahead of the other, bend the front knee, and take the back knee as low as you can. Rise up again when you’re as low as you can comfortably go.


Plank leg lifts

Oh yes, the dreaded plank! But we’ve mixed it up a bit with a leg lift to make things interesting.

In the plank position lift your right leg and bring your heel toward your bum, bending the knee about 90 degrees. Squeeze your glutes and lift the heel towards the sky. Bring the knee back to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.



Target your bum and lower back with a classic bridge, like you used to do at school!

Lie on your back and with your heels close to your bum, your knees need to be bent. Feet flat on the floor and hip-width apart, raise your hips and tighten your abs and bum as you lift up. When you’ve created a straight line from your knees to your shoulders, start to lower back to the start.

Do 8-10 reps on all of these exercises and you should start to see your behind becoming peachier by the day!

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

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Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running ultra marathons. In addition to training for her epic runs she finds time for strength training, Pilates and Yoga. .