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The Benefits of Resistance Band Exercises

The Benefits of Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance bands are one piece of equipment that all exercise fanatics should take home with them. They’re ideal for those days you can’t make it to the gym and allow you to thoroughly work out your body even if you’ve not got the space for weights and equipment at home.

Resistance bands allow you to carry out a wide range of exercise from chest presses to rows and tricep extensions to bicep curls. You can use them for shoulder presses and even squats without the needs for any weights at all. They work by using your own body weight to create the resistance and if you’ve never tried them before you’ll be surprised by how effective they can be. Essentially just a reinforced rubber band, it’s a simple piece of kit that can fit into any bag so you never have to miss another training session.

Below are the top benefits of carrying out resistance band exercises. By the time you’ve finished reading you’ll definitely want to invest in one.


The most inexpensive resistance bands can be bought for as little as £3 although they are extremely basic and simply a piece of elastic. For a band with handles and increased stability you may want to pay £10 or more. For either price the wide range of exercises you can carry out with this single piece of kit makes it a valuable investment without any excessive expense. They can be bought with specialist features for much higher prices but unless you’re a professional it’s unlikely you’ll need to spend more than £10.

Adapts with your Body

Resistance bands can be used by both beginners and experts and can be bought in a range of different resistances. If you’re just starting out the a light resistance band is probably your best bet but if you’re used to lifting heavier weights you may want to choose a band which offers much heavier resistance. Once you get into the swing of it you may even consider using multiple bands for an even bigger challenge.

Maintain your usual Routine

You can stick to all the moves and routines you’re used to. All your favourite resistance movements can be adapted slightly to use with your resistance bands and it means there’s no need to learn a complex new routine. You can get down with your usual bicep curls and even increase the intensity of your push-ups.

Exercise the Whole Body

Resistance bands give you the opportunity to enjoy a full-body workout and challenge every muscle group in your body in the way you want to challenge it. You can push your body harder than it’s ever been pushed with a simple elastic band from the comfort of your own home.

Mix it up

As your body gets used to your usual routine you can use the bands to challenge and test your body in new ways. Your muscles will adapt to the movements you’re used to and they’ll be looking for a new challenge. Challenge your muscles in a new way with resistance bands as they offer something different to the free weights you use in the gym.

Portable and Space Saving

As mentioned resistance bands take up next to no space and can simply be folded up and put in the bottom of your bag – much easier than lugging your weights around. This also makes them a sensible accessory if you’re travelling for business and can’t get to the gym too easily. Simply pull out your bands, even in your hotel room, and carry out a standard workout giving all those muscles the training they need.

Solo Workout with Ease

Lifting heavy weights is not recommended if you don’t have a mate to train with but this is not true with resistance bands. You can safely use them on your own without any risk and this means you can train harder when your buddy can’t make it or you simply don’t fancy heading down to the gym.

Effective Workout every time

There are few pieces of equipment as simple as an exercise band. This simplicity doesn’t detract from their effectiveness however as they can be utilised in so many different ways. They can be instrumental in boosting your body’s flexibility, stamina, range of motion and much more.

Your resistance bands don’t have to replace your regular gym workout but they’re a great at-home tool to keep by your side to guarantee you’ve always got a way of exercising if you feel the need. There will be times when visiting the gym just isn’t possible and if you don’t have weights at home or aren’t at home at all you still don’t have to interrupt your routine.

Your body likes routine and we’re sure your mind feels the same so guarantee your resistance training is never interrupted with simple but effective resistance bands.