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The Benefits of Goblet Squats

The Benefits of Goblet Squats

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to up your training, the goblet squat adds a little weight to the bodyweight squat. Goblet squats improve your form, boost mobility and push your body to the next level. 

Usually carried out using a kettlebell (you could also use a dumbbell), simply hold the weight against your chest, just as if you were holding a goblet. From here, squat down as usual and perform the goblet squat:


Simple yet hugely popular, this is why goblet squats are such a beneficial addition to your workout regime:

1. Perfect Step-Up for Beginners

Beginners looking to move towards working out with weights can easily get going with goblet squats. It’s a great choice for working on your squat form and the weight load forces your body to tighten up and squat more efficiently and safely.

Squats don’t have to be complicated and adding a little weight can help keep form tight.

2. Great for Mobility

Activating your glutes and building hip mobility doesn’t come easy but with regular goblet squats, both actions are worked on.

Each goblet squat is a chance to learn how to fully brace your core and mobilise your hips, it helps get your body ready for heavier and more challenging barbell squats and is a great mobility exercise to prepare you for heavier loads.

Goblet squats could be your warm up for barbell squatting or could be the main aim of your workout, in any instance the more you do them, the more your body will respond.

3. Perfect for High Rep Workouts

High rep workouts are a fantastic way of incorporating a little cardio into your strength training. They are also ideal for conditioning the body and working on your heart rate.

The position of the weight during the goblet squat forced your body into a good form, even when fatigued, so it is a much better choice for high rep sessions than the barbell squat, as the barbell can become unbalanced as you fatigue.

To build muscles in your legs include high rep goblet squat sets and you’ll soon see the difference.



the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.