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Step Aerobics 101

Step Aerobics 101

By Laura Briggs

Since the late eighties step aerobics has been a staple exercise for many due to its different levels and the variety involved. Maybe it’s time you gave it a try.

What is it?

Step aerobics uses a step – pretty obvious right? You could also call it a platform, and there are several different types of platform, depending on your difficulty level.

The stepping action used during a class works the quadriceps, gluteals and hamstrings and the heart rate is increased due to the constant movement.

You can choreograph any number of stepping movements, either with or without music if you prefer, and with or without weights. 

It is believed that step aerobics can burn as many as 35 per cent more calories than by running alone, due to the body constantly being dead lifted over the platform.

What are the benefits?

While the winter sneaks in, it’s great to have a class in the comfort of a warm gym. Step aerobics is more diverse than regular aerobics, and so offers more interest and variety. It’s mainly done to music which many people find enjoyable and makes them find the workouts easier.

The whole body is used in step, so you’ll find you get toned up quickly, and of course, it’s great for keeping your heart healthy.

Who can do it?

There are many different levels of step, so anyone can do it. You can start with really basic movements, or you can push yourself hard by using weights as well. If you find you’re bored of your normal aerobics class, then this could well be a good choice for you.

What should I wear?

Like you would if you were going for a run, supportive comfortable trainers are a must, some leggings, tracksuit bottoms or shorts, and a T-shirt that wicks away sweat is a good idea, as you’ll definitely perspire during a good step session.