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Spin class 101

Spin class 101

Considering trying a spin class? Here's the lowdown:

What is it

Spin Class or ‘Spinning’ is a 30-60 minute class set to loud, up-tempo music, which takes place on a specialised stationary bike.

Who should take a spin class

Spinning is for everyone. The concept may seem alarming at first; loud music, an even louder instructor, and a whole lot of sweating, but it is designed to be taken entirely at your own pace. You are in control of your bike, which means you control the resistance and speed, and in turn the difficulty of your workout.

What to expect

Sprints: This is high-intensity interval training at its best; a period of cycling at your fastest rate followed by a recovery period.

Climb: During ‘Climb’ you will be cycling in a standing position, increasing the resistance at regular intervals. The climb is great for strengthening and toning your legs and bum.

Jumps/Lifts: During lifts you will be moving between a sitting and standing position while cycling. This is where your legs will really start to burn!

What to wear

There’s no need to rush out and buy an all lycra wardrobe before your first Spin Class, your regular gym attire will do just fine. Keep it light and comfortable though, you will be working up a sweat.

For your first class, try to arrive a little early so that you can make sure you are prepared. Your instructor will be able to show you how to adjust the bike so that your seat height and resistance settings are at the correct level. And remember to take it at your own pace, the bikes are stationary after all, so only you know how fast you’re going.