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Spiderbands: Do what no other workout can!

Spiderbands: Do what no other workout can!

The variety of ways to workout never ceases to amaze – but here’s a great new idea. Spiderbands are a way of using your own body weight to add extra resistance to workouts. The clever bit is that they also help with some moves by providing support. That means that they can increase the range of postures and exercises available to everyone. So if you thought a chin-up might be unachievable, think again!

What is a spiderband workout?

The spiderband workout is a development of suspension training, which uses elastic straps to provide a variety of workouts. You hang from the straps with arms or legs, and work against your own weight and the resistance of the elastic to add more to the workout. The workout originally came from the US military, somewhere that certainly knows how to build muscle.

What are the benefits?

Suspension means that you get help to do more difficult moves, but at the same time you are really working a large number of muscle groups. For instance, a single leg squat can put serious strain on knees if done incorrectly. Use the suspension trainer for the squat and your technique will be greatly improved. You can even use suspension trainers for cardio exercise such as burpees.

Spiderbands take the concept of suspension training and turn it into a group exercise – no more lonely hanging around! The encouragement of a group setting instantly makes this kind of workout feel more accessible. The instructor will also make sure that everyone is working correctly and getting the most from the equipment.

Where can I do a spiderband workout?

Setting up for this workout does involve some expense for gyms, as obviously they need to ensure that ceilings or fixings are built to take the weight of an entire class. However this fun concept is spreading fast, with both single and group suspension setups appearing in more and more gyms.

So keep an eye on your local gyms, and get ready to indulge your inner superhero – look out for the spiderbands!

the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.