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Review of Urban Movement

Review of Urban Movement

Saturday 6th February saw the launch of Urban Movement from Hussle and I was lucky enough to be invited along. I’m not going to lie; I was excited but nervous at the same time! The workout was described as a 70-minute mash-up consisting of six different exercise classes, including Yoga, Pilates, Capoeira, Boxing, Twerking and HIIT with the host being fitness expert, Bradley Simmonds. The venue, The Village Underground, a renovated turn-of-the-century warehouse in Shoreditch suited the event perfectly…. urban, gritty and large enough to hold 100 of us all working out. The pink mats were ready and we were armed with Nuva water to get us through the workout.

Urban MovementUrban MovementUrban MovementUrban Movement

Bradley Simmonds, the new ‘fit’ guy on the scene welcomed all of us to the event and kicked off with a short speech telling us about Hussle and encouraging us to “Don’t do anything, Do everything”. Then it started a quick, warm-up of mobility moves, lunges, squats, and high-knees running on the spot, all to get the heart-racing….Oh and it did! 


Urban Movement-Bradley SimmondsUrban MovementUrban MovementUrban Movement

The first instructor was welcomed onto the stage – Karen, to start the Vinyasa flow yoga. Now this was something that I hadn’t tried before so I was pleased when the relaxing music started and we could focus on the different moves that Karen instructed us though. After 10 minutes of being bendy, Antonia from Good Vibes burst onto the stage beginning her session with a core session. Wow! Did that wake my abs up, we performed crunches, planks and the wonderful hundreds, which raised our heart rate, focused our breathing and got the blood pumping! 

Urban Movement- Karen ButlerUrban MovementUrban MovementUrban Movement

After the final reps of more ab-tastic moves, Antonia welcomed Edgar from The Capoeira Academy onto the stage and the Brazilian tunes started pumping. I’ve never tried Capoeira before but knew that it was a combination of dance, acrobatics and music. Edgar didn’t waste anytime and had us squatting, swaying to the music, trying push-kicks and then handstands. He even brought someone up on stage for a demo (thank god, it wasn’t me!). It was great to see everyone giving the exercise a try and there were certainly lots of laughs. 

Urban Movement- EdgarUrban MovementUrban MovementUrban Movement

The next workout was from Marlon at FightZone and I have three words to describe his 10-minute workout…fun, fast and intense! We were doing press-ups, fast jabs, upper-cuts and explosive running on the spot. I hadn’t done boxing in a long time so it was great to take part in this workout and it reminded me just how much I missed the intensity of boxing workouts. 

Urban Movement- BoxingUrban MovementUrban MovementUrban Movement

Marlon then introduced Kelechi to the stage. Kelechi was from the London Dance Academy and an absolute goddess. In her Cocoa shorts and rock hard abs on show, she completely owned the stage and certainly got everyone’s attention. Her passion for dance was so apparent and everyone was following her moves on the stage, which resulted in the final move of ‘twerking’. Smiles all round, even from the guys! Twerking wasn’t something I was looking forward to but it was great fun and I would even consider going to one of her Twerk ‘N Grind classes in the near future. 

Urban Movement- TwerkingUrban MovementUrban MovementUrban Movement

Before I knew it, Bradley Simmonds, was back on the stage. This could only mean that we had 10 minutes left so it was head down and full effort for the HIIT session leaving us all on a high. 

Urban Movement- Bradley SimmondsUrban MovementUrban MovementUrban Movement

Once the cool-down had finished everyone had the chance to walk round the popups and speak with the brands that were there. It was great to see new brands as opposed to the old favourites and I sampled other flavours from Nuva Water and looked at the products from The Healthy Body Kit, Amazonas UK and Booband. There was a heap of other brands that supported the event too, which was obvious from the AMAZING goody bag we received on the way out of the event. The goodies are going to last me all week! I event got to keep the lovely pink yoga mat so no excuses to strike some poses at home! 

Hussle- AppUrban MovementUrban MovementUrban Movement

So would I recommend this event in the future? DEFINITELY! The unique, combination of the 6 different workouts meant that everyone had a chance to try everything and these were only a small selection of what Hussle offer through their website. If you are new to exercise, looking for some variety or just simply enjoy exercising with other like-minded people, then Urban Movement is definitely for you! Look out for their next event here

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Charlotte Potts

Charlotte is a contributing writer to Hussle. Working in the wellbeing industry for over 13 years she has experienced every kind of fitness class out there! She loves hiking, Pilates, Kettlebells, weight-training and any kind of HIIT session. .