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Reformer Pilates 101

Reformer Pilates 101

Pilates has been around for years, and comes in many forms, but the recent popularity of the Reformer style is undeniable. So our Marketing Manager Emma thought it was time to see what all the fuss was about...

I booked a lunchtime class at a Pilates studio near the Hussle offices at Bootcamp Pilates Fulham. I arrived about 5 minutes before the class was due to start and my instructor (and Bootcamp Pilates General Manager) Elliott was there to greet me. I explained that I was a beginner, and as luck would have it, I had booked a very quiet class – it was just me!

What to wear

I wore ¾ leggings, a running singlet and a pair of ankle socks. If you’re serious about reformer pilates you can buy a pair of grip socks like these ones from Sweaty Betty to help you keep your footing in some of the more difficult positions, but otherwise, the studio provides mats that can be used for grip.

Next time I would probably wear a more fitted top, as it did flip up a few more times than I was happy with – you do not want to be worried about adjusting your shirt while doing this activity! One other tip; if you have long hair, I’d recommend tying it up on top of your head. I had a few close calls when my ponytail dipped too close to the springs.

What to expect

They don’t call this Bootcamp Pilates for nothing! Expect to work your muscles hard, especially your core. The class incorporates many of the same positions of a regular Pilates class, however the reformer machine requires you to engage your muscles in different ways in order to maintain your balance. It’s not an aerobic class – unless you try one of their HIIP(High Intensity Interval Pilates), but you will work up a sweat as you call on muscle groups you haven’t used in a while.

What are the benefits?

On its own Reformer Pilates will help you to strengthen and tone your muscles, but if weight loss is your main goal, you will likely need to incorporate some other form of high intensity exercise into your routine. It is undoubtedly fantastic for your core and posture though – I felt like I walked out of the class two inches taller!

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