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Quick HIIT

Quick HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is short bursts of intense activity with resting recovery periods. A good HIIT workout circuit will burn maximum calories, help get rid of stubborn belly fat, develop muscle tone fast and develop your aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

Physiologically, a short, intense workout is as effective as 45 minutes of moderate exercise. Because it’s so short, HIIT is also ideal to fit into a busy schedule or a quick gym trip. What’s not to love?

How it works

  • This 10 minute circuit doesn’t need any equipment so you can get going straight away.
  • Each move will take 40 seconds, with a 20 second rest before moving on.
  • Perform the circuit 2 times.
  • Set your timer before you start. You can download an Simple Interval Timer app to help.
  • Don’t forget to do a 5 minute warm up before starting your circuit.

The HIIT circuit

1. 180 degree jumps

Face the left side of your space with your core tightened. Jump 180 degrees to your right, keeping your hands in front to balance you and elbows near your torso. Land softly in a deep squat, Jump up explosively, twisting to the left 180 degrees, again landing in a deep squat. Move quickly! Repeat the jumps for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds.


2. Spiderman Plank

Get into a plank position, making sure your elbows are aligned with your shoulder. Tighten your core. Draw one knee to your outside shoulder. Return to plank and repeat on the other side. Continue for 40 seconds, resting for 20 seconds before moving on.


3. Squat Side Kicks

Stand with feet hip-width apart, slowly lowering into a half-squat. Raise right knee to hip level, then extend right leg to the side, straightening out your balancing left leg whilst pushing quickly into your right heel. Pull right knee back in, returning to squat position. Switch sides, then repeat. Continue for 40 seconds, resting for 20 seconds before moving on.


4. Lunge Skips

Start in a lunge position with left foot forward and right leg back. Swing your right leg forward and hop onto your left foot, landing gently back into a lunge. Repeat for 40 seconds, resting for 20. Alternate the legs on the second and fourth sets.


5. Jump Squat Thrusts

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Lower into a squat position with your hands on the floor. Kick back your legs into a plank position. Jump your legs back into squat position, then as you come up to standing, add a jump. Lower back down to squat position ready for the next rep. Continue for 40 seconds, resting for 20 seconds before moving on.



the author

Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for Hussle. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.