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Power Up your Back with Three Simple Exercises

Power Up your Back with Three Simple Exercises

By Bethan Townsend

Do you know what your back looks like? What it really looks like? Chances are you never get a clear shot of it and therefore, what you see can’t hurt you. Training your back muscles matters though and it will help pack your body with even more power as well as providing an additional boost to your body when it comes to preventing injury.

Here are some key reasons you should work on your back:

  • More power
  • Slimmer waist
  • Improved posture
  • Spinal support
  • Strengthened hips and abdominal muscles

If you like the sound of this then give our three simple exercises a go.

One-Arm Row

As the video shows, a one-arm row is as difficult as you want it to be, with the addition or more weights as you see fit. It’s the perfect exercise for toning your rhomboids, lats and trapezius muscle.

Dumbell Shrugs


They sound easier than they are to carry out and are a great choice for getting your upper traps in shape. Always remember to only use dumbbells you are comfortable with and you can carry out a number of reps before fatigue sets in.

Good Morning

This is an advanced move which takes some time to get used to and a lot of practice but can be brilliant for your lower back, hamstring and glutes.

If you’re not quite ready for the Good Morning exercise just yet then consider trying out some Supermans. They’ll have a similar effect and may be a good option if you’re new to training.

These back exercises are worth every second it takes to master them as they’ll help ensure your back muscles are in as good condition as the ones you see every day.