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Mobility for Weight Training Beginners

Mobility for Weight Training Beginners

Weight training in conjunction with cardiovascular workouts builds muscles and burns calories.

What’s important is maintaining a good range of mobility in your joints.  Starting out, it’s vital that you learn good form, and keep mobile.

The more mobility you have, the better at weightlifting you’ll be. You’ll also get fewer injuries.

Here are 2 key exercises you can do to really ensure you stay flexible.

Sumo Hip Drop:

This mobility exercise will keep good rotation in your hips, which is beneficial for control and power.

Here’s how:

  • Place your feet apart, wider than your hips, with your toes turned outwards about 45 degrees.

  • Drop down into a sumo squat

  • Slowly bring your left knee down to the ground. Make sure the other hip doesn’t rotate.

  • Keeping your chest up and your back straight, return to the squat position and alternate sides.

Gunslinger and Lateral Reach

To keep your spine and shoulders in tip-top condition, this exercise is perfect.

Here’s how:

  • Stand tall and bring your arms together in front of you.

  • Tuck your chin to your chest and pull in your abs, stretching your spine.

  • Return to a neutral position and reach laterally, with one arm diagonally overhead while the other hand reaches in the opposite direction.

  • Let your neck relax.

Keeping mobile will benefit you in your weightlifting journey, and for these two exercises you don’t need any apparatus. You can literally do them anywhere!

Photo by Sam Sabourin on Unsplash


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Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running ultra marathons. In addition to training for her epic runs she finds time for strength training, Pilates and Yoga. .