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Killer Gym Accessories That Every Gym Member Needs

Killer Gym Accessories That Every Gym Member Needs

While it’s true that you don’t need anything but yourself to have a great day at the gym, there are a few gym accessories that can help you go harder than you ever have before! These accessories free you up to focus on your fitness, and that’s the goal.

Once you’ve got your gym day pass and are ready to go to the gym, consider using these accessories to optimise your gym time for even better results!


Fitness Gloves

While not a necessity, fitness gloves can help you feel like an exercise junkie. These gloves are meant to protect your hands while working out while also providing a non-slip surface even when you get sweaty.

If you are going to be using a lot of weights, then with fitness gloves you’ll prevent your hands from slipping on the iron, and they’ll help you build up strong hands without first building up painful calluses – plus, they just make you look like a pro! Dress like a fitness pro, and soon, you will be one!


Smartphone Holder

One way to make your time at the gym more interesting and easier to get through is to have a podcast, music, or movie to listen to while doing your workout. Many gyms have TVs for this purpose, but the station might not always suit your taste.

If you want to keep your music nearby during your workout, invest in a smartphone or mp3 holder. Use this to play your music while you are working out without having to deal with finding a place to hold your phone. Simplify your workout routine, and you’ll be more efficient – and a playlist of choice might just help you stay focused and motivated!


Water Bottle With Storage Compartments

There are dozens of water bottles that you could use during your time at the gym, but there’s a better water bottle that you should think about using.

A water bottle that has compartments to hold things like money, your locker key, and more are a great way to keep important things at hand while staying hydrated. Small gym essentials (like lip balm) can be easily carried around with you thanks to this type of water bottle.


Arnica Ointment

Arnica is a great natural supplement that can be used to soothe muscle pains, reduce bruising, and get rid of inflammation. While you should never keep working out through an injury, this is a great thing to keep to hand.

Use it when you’ve accidentally hit yourself with a piece of equipment to prevent future bruising that could slow down your workouts. Or, keep it in your bag to put on after intense workouts to help improve recovery time. Arnica is a miracle worker, and you’ll be impressed with the results. 

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