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Interview with Jonathan Lomax of Lomax Bespoke Fitness, Nutrition and Wellbeing

Interview with Jonathan Lomax of Lomax Bespoke Fitness, Nutrition and Wellbeing

Meet Jonathan Lomax, Personal Trainer and founder of Lomax Bespoke Fitness, Nutrition & Wellbeing. 

The Lomax experience incorporates unique and luxurious personalized training programs combining exercise, nutrition and wellbeing treatments. With a strong team of health experts and trainers, Jonathan works with a range of clients including professional sportsmen and women.  

Read on to find out what motivates Jonathan and get some top tips on how you can maximize your healthy living routine. 

Tell us about the philosophy behind The Lomax Way.

The Lomax Way is very simply, a method, which combines fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing services into a program that delivers the results you require within the fastest time frame you can expect depending on the lifestyle you live.

Each program is tailored according to each individual and in this way is personalized. However adopters of The Lomax Way tend to all have the same experience - that of feeling 'completely looked after'.

What inspired you to develop this format?

Chiefly I was inspired by my experience. Having worked with all sorts of Clients in lots of different countries, I built a very precise idea of what people 'need' vs what they 'want'.

By asking questions and listening to the answers I realised that what a people wan' is very changeable, but what they need - the motivation - the need for a tangible result - is often very similar.

By combining synergistic services and applying flexible and affordable, but high value, delivery of the right services, Clients of Lomax achieve what they need - a quick result - and this spurs them to want to go further. As a health professional this generates a loyalty you can depend on for years not just over a 'membership contract'.

What do you enjoy most about being a Personal Trainer?

I think most personal trainers would answer the same thing - it's a boring answer - but you can't beat the look on a persons face when they genuinely feel they have hit their goals. A good trainer will design a program that will edge the Client to their goals in a series of achievable steps.

Each of these steps give the Client a moment of feedback, a slap on the back, which we rarely get as grown ups. I train around 5-8 clients a day over 7 days a week. That is roughly 30 hours in which I get to high five someone who has genuinely bettered himself or herself directly through my help. How good is that?

How do you set out and maintain your own training routine?

I train hard. Very-hard. Every session is designed to push me in some way till I can’t do more. I try everything that is out there. I research all the best methods and trends and I use the personal experience and knowledge gained by practicing them myself to design the programs I put my Clients through.

I study, try and teach. This means I need to have the answers to all sorts of questions and in my view if you haven't experienced these answers, just repeating the textbook doesn't work. My fitness goals are simply to improve all 10 'fitness domains'. Cardio-vascular endurance, strength, power, stamina, flexibility, balance, speed, agility, coordination, accuracy. So I design programs around these, often incorporating a number of them at once. Very similar to a Crossfit style approach.

What do you think the key to sticking to a fitness regime is?

Most people give up on their fitness regimes because they don't achieve their results quickly enough. Factors such as lifestyle changes (time and money) are often cited, but in reality if someone feels or more importantly sees a change for the better they will keep coming back.

The Lomax Way is designed to do exactly this, get a result quickly. In my view if a Client doesn't feel or see any difference within 21 days of being at Lomax we have failed and I would expect the Client to leave.

A result can be as simple as feeling muscle soreness from a good workout, pain reduction in an injury, increased sleep, or reduced stress. Some weight loss (or a change in body shape) is harder in the short term, but not impossible. So feeling cared for and looked after on your journey tends to make a huge difference. The biggest problem I face is at the other end of the spectrum - managing the anxiety that 'not' fitting in a workout causes!!

The Lomax Way focuses on the combination of fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. What are your number one nutrition and wellbeing tips?

 As I mentioned the best tip I can advise is to make sure to achieve the right balance of fitness nutrition and physical wellbeing (rest & recovery). If you understand your body well you can experiment more as is the case if you have specific performance goals.

However, in terms of a way of life, you need to be able to fit it into how you live.  Living by strict rules defined by an anxiety of getting fat or being unfit, is the fastest way to fail. Don't live by the day, punishing yourself for excesses from the day before. Try and view your fitness and nutrition over bigger periods and you will be less sensitive to bad days and consequently probably have a more healthy life.

Do you find there are common mistakes made by people that can easily be avoided when trying to keep fit?

The most common mistake is giving up too early! It takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit that will last a lifetime. Quick win ‘trends’ and ‘fads’ can create a quick result, but not a sustainable one. This is true of both fitness and nutrition.

Faddy diets don’t work for the exact reason – they are not sustainable. Another big mistake is that people make too many changes at once. Success in reaching a goal is about setting a series of smaller more steps that get you there by keeping the results achievable. If you go from no training to 5 times a week and alter your diet all at once, you are much more likely to fail. Not to mention this will probably not work anyway!!

Are there any fitness and nutrition myths that you believe can hinder the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle?

The first myth is that training with weights is only good for developing muscles and will bulk you up if you’re a woman – this is not true. Using weights within your training routines has a massive impact on most of the body’s systems, from cardio-vascular fitness, to hormone regulation, to nervous system stimulation. Not to mention using weights in your training routine will make your body shape sexier faster!

The second myth is that of diet – the biggest mistake most people make when they start training or even for seasoned fitness nuts, is to give up carbs and fats and eat too ‘clean’. To achieve the body you want and the fitness levels you need to be healthy for life, a high protein diet is recommended, but not one void of carbs or fats.

Carbohydrates and fats are crucial to fuel the body to make sure you get the most out of your workouts and then to replace the nutrients lost during your workout. A diet and a training program must work in sync with each other for the best results in the fastest time frame. Getting the diet right will be the difference between success and failure.

Lastly, what can people do to ensure they enjoy their health and fitness regimes?

The best thing I could advise is to spend some time and money getting the right advice before starting on a fitness or nutrition regime. Even if you have been in training or think you now what you’re doing, spending a few hours with a good personal trainer will be worth its weight in gold.

The most important way to enjoy anything you do is to do it well and a good personal trainer will show you how to do the right exercises to get the right results as fast as possible. Battling on alone is a waste of time and money and will just be frustrating and ultimately failure.