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We’ve all been there. We take our eye off the diet and exercise ball for a bit. We go to a few too many working lunches or do a bit too much partying. Suddenly the waistband is sounding the alert. Time for action!

As with thighs (another common problem area), losing excess padding is a matter of eating the right food in the right amounts. Together with exercise this creates a calorie deficit and reduces the fat. Once you’ve done that, efforts to tighten the muscles will start to show results.

So with food intake back under control, what can you do to get back that that Daniel Craig stomach?

Here are four ways to tighten up that tummy. As always, watch that technique because it is all too easy to strain necks and backs with incorrect postures.

1.      ROLL UPS

Think these are easy? Think again. Here’s a video of a perfect roll-up to strengthen abs and body core:


You’ll recognise this move if you’ve done a Pilates class. It really works the rectus abominis and oblique muscles.

2.      CRUNCHES

There are many variations on these, and the crunch is a top exercise to create the all-important ‘six pack’. (Little-known fact:  some people have four-packs or eight-packs, it all depends on the structure of your abdominal connective tissue)

Get the crunch right. Remember to warm up first, keep breathing and look UP, not forward.

3.     SIT-UPS

These are the classic belly-blaster move – and also the move that the most people do incorrectly. Forget school technique, follow these five steps to the perfect sit-up. The idea is to avoid the need for medical attention for a strained back, so take real care.


Give those obliques even more of a push with this rolling variation on the core-strengthening plank:


  Remember to keep hips in line with your body and don’t round your back.

Use this routine regularly – your waistband will thank you!


the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.