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How to get a flat stomach at the gym

How to get a flat stomach at the gym

Some things you can't change. You won’t get taller. Your hips are the width they are. But you can do something about an over-round stomach. The gym is full of kit to help you in this quest.

For your next Hussle workout, try these ideas to flatten that stomach:


Busting that belly starts with general fat burning. Try to fit in 30 mins or more on the treadmill, stair climber or exercise bike, 3 times a week. Or give an aerobics class a go. Pick one that’s your kind of fun. That might be step, dance-based or even in the water. Whatever it is, a good instructor and a happy attitude will make the time fly by.


Interval training is absolutely made for busy people. That’s us. A mere 20 minute session does it. Just alternate two minutes of low intensity jogging with a minute of total flat out running. Or cycling. Or stair climbing. Do this on your non-cardio days.


Complete the programme with a daily dose of strength work. Exercises for abs don’t always need the gym, but take advantage of the kit whenever you can. Captains chair knee raises are a classic for strengthening the abs. If you need an easier start, do crunches on a stability ball and work up.

There’s just one part of this plan that doesn’t happen at the gym.

You guessed it – healthy eating.

It’s very difficult (ok, almost impossible) to out-exercise a poor food intake. So look to your diet. No need to deprive yourself. Just go for good food that keeps you fuller for longer. Enjoy platefuls of veg, lean protein meals and an eating plan that works for you.

Make a plan, book a Hussle and enjoy some good healthy food. A flatter stomach is nearer than you think.

Photo by juan pablo rodriguez on Unsplash

the author

Patrick Law

Patrick is a keen touch rugby and football player and regular gym goer. He also enjoys long-distance running.