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How To Get A Chiselled Set Of Abs!

How To Get A Chiselled Set Of Abs!

A shredded 6-pack is one of the most desired body parts amongst both men and women alike. Who doesn’t want a perfectly sculpted torso?

The problem is running on a treadmill every day won't build your core muscles. You need to target them directly and train your upper and lower abs as well as your obliques (the muscles down the side of your abs) evenly.

You can work your abs from home, at your local fitness centre or use a gym day pass to try somewhere new! Are you ready to train your abs hard? Try to focus on your abs at least once a week to benefit from optimum muscle growth and stimulation.

For an all-encompassing, effective abs workout choose 1 exercise from each section. Perform 10 reps on each exercise, one after the other in a circuit. Enjoy 2 minutes’ rest then repeat again until you have performed 3 circuits in total.


Moves for your upper abs

All the below movements are specifically for targeting your upper abs. Don’t be afraid to add some weight to these exercises, holding a weight plate is a simple way of adding resistance to progress the movement.

•          Cable crunch

•          Weighted crunch

•          Wide leg cross sit-ups

•          Swiss ball crunch


Moves for your lower abs

Targeting your lower abs can be a bit trickier and most people have never targeted them directly. Here are some excellent exercises that will destroy your lower abs:

•          Crunch kicks

•          Flutter kicks

•          Leg raises

•          Raised leg circles


Moves for your obliques

The poor old obliques are usually completely ignored yet a pair of trained obliques frame your abs perfectly. Obliterate your obliques with these movements.

•          Side dips

•          Russian Twists

•          Loaded barbell twist

•          Side jack knife


How do you make your abs visible?

Of course, if you are putting in all the hard work and training your abs hard then you will no doubt want to show them off!

You will need to have a relatively low body fat to enhance your ab visibility and this is only achieved through clean eating. Look after your diet, track your macros and they will shine through in all their glory.

Depending on your level of ability you can mix and match any of the above exercises.

If you can, always try to select a movement from each section to ensure you are hitting all areas of your abs. If you want to really progress your ab workouts then add more exercises, reps and resistance to your routine.

You could select 2-3 exercises and add weights to the exercises to make them harder. Never sell yourself short, if you can do more, always do more! Get flexible gym access to get the most out of yourself today!

the author

Andreas Dahlgren

Strength training enthusiast who also has a knack for creative writing..