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How to Achieve Your New Year Resolution of Getting Fit

How to Achieve Your New Year Resolution of Getting Fit

The most popular resolution in the UK is getting in shape. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds or work towards sculpting that figure you knew you could achieve but were always too lazy to try. Whatever the reason you know that this is finally the year that you’ll take advantage of that pay-as-you-gym pass and finally get full control of how you exercise.

But before you fantasise about looking at yourself in the mirror six months down the road with a triumphant smile on your face, consider why your plan didn’t work out so well last year. This year, things are going to be different. Follow the guide below to stay on the right path for you.

Evaluate Your Goal

The most significant piece in the moving jigsaw puzzle of motivation is your willpower. How willing are you to achieve your goal? The best way to find this out is to first assess how important becoming fit is to you? Examine all the benefits of doing so and weigh them against the cons. Do you really care about having chiselled abs, or have you just been watching too many photoshopped models? Maybe you’re getting in shape because you feel that your weight will later have serious consequences on your lifespan. Write down the reasons for embarking on your resolution and remind yourself every time you work out of what you’re working towards.

Create a Roadmap

At this stage you’ve already proven to yourself that you care about your new-found goal. Now it’s time to put together a roadmap that will put you on a trajectory toward achievement. Chances are that at the time of reading this you’re probably not a gym junkie. Creating a plan that’s asking too much of you will never be completed. Do your research and put together a plan that you think will work for you. If in doubt, consult with a personal trainer and create something that will put you on track to achieve realistic goals. Track your progress with an application or by taking pictures every week to give you needed gratification.  

Find a Support System

There will be nights when you come home after work and feel the urge to binge Netflix for hours before realising that you did the exact same thing the night before when you promised yourself that you’d go the gym the next day. Patterns such as this can develop all too quickly when you don’t have a partner by your side to give you that little extra prod that you need. Find a friend or colleague who is also serious about committing themselves to an endeavour and make a pact with them. While it would be nice to have a friend to go the gym with, your resolution companion doesn’t even need to have the same goal as you. All you need is a support system; someone who can give you that little push when you’re in need of motivation.

In innumerable ways, today is nothing like yesterday. Today can be whatever kind of day you want it to be; the choice is always yours.

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the author

Joe Sherman

Joe is a keen gym-goer, footballer and cyclist. He has a passion for the latest fitness trends and marketing.