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Hotpod Yoga 101

Hotpod Yoga 101

By Jessica Ward

After such a glorious summer, the arrival of chilly wet autumn can be a bit depressing. As the nights draw in and the scary piles Christmas items start to appear in the shops, how about getting inside and warming up with a different kind of workout? Try the latest in heated workouts – Hotpod Yoga.

What is it?

Like Bikram yoga, the Hotpod system uses the benefits of a heated room to aid muscle flexibility.  The room is heated to about 37 degrees centigrade. The clever bit is the use of an inflatable pod, which means that the workout is portable and doesn’t need a special room in the gym.

The other difference is that the Hotpod yoga session is personalised by the teacher for the requirements of the class – there is no prescribed workout. Hence Hotpod classes can be offered at varying levels of difficulty.

What are the benefits?

Exercising in the heat makes lungs and heart work a little harder, so the workout uses more calories. Warmth also keeps those muscles moving. As anyone who enjoys a sauna knows, a good sweat session also produces a general sense of well-being.

Who can do it?

The workout is suitable for almost anyone without medical problems.  (Like other hot workouts, Hotpod yoga should not be done during pregnancy). If you are new to yoga, have a chat with the instructor first to help you choose a suitable session.

What should I wear?

 Lightweight clothing that allows you to stretch and flex, and will stand frequent washing because you will definitely get sweaty. The workout is done barefoot.

Too cold outside? Get warmed right through with Hotpod yoga!