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Gym Fitness: Sticking to Your Guns

Gym Fitness: Sticking to Your Guns

Signing up to a gym membership is made easy, seeing the results isn’t. It doesn’t matter whether you have a day gym pass, a flexible gym membership, or you fully commit to an annual membership, what matters is you, your commitment and your effort. Here’s how to get the most out of a fitness regime.


1.         Write It Down

It’s Wednesday night, why am I here? Sound familiar? Well it can be off putting, so why not keep it written down somewhere, your goals, aims and ambitions. That way when you next have a little wobble, you’ll remember exactly your goals.


2.         Realism

If you have unrealistic goals, and never reach them, then you are going to continuously beat yourself up. Set your goals, make them real and achievable. Thereafter achieving them is reward in itself, and not doing so is not the end of the world.


3.         Tiny Steps

Little by little, seeing things progress will keep you going, and whilst others may scoff, forget them, it is your journey.


4.         Treats

It is a lifestyle change, not a punishment, and rewarding yourself from time to time is more likely to keep you on track than to drag you off the wagon! Balance is key.


5.         Get Help

Those that train with a partner or trainer, achieve their goals more easily, and are more likely than not to keep going when times get tough. At the same time, keeping notes will help you “see” the progress, and benefits of the work to date.


6.         Interest

If something is interesting, then it is likely to be more inspiring, and more involved, and you are less likely to pass it over for a night on the sofa in front of the TV. Change and variation to the routine will help and you may want to consider a flexible gym membership or day gym pass to help you gain the benefits of all that the gym has to offer. Routine is great, but can dull your interest, change it up and keep it interesting.


7.         Accountability

A lot has to be said for giving yourself a break from time to time, and not being too hard on yourself. BUT, it is your health and wellbeing and only you are accountable for your own life. So, cut down on the excuses and put in the effort, and then you will see the results.


8.         Variety

Think outside the norm. Try a gym day pass, try classes, experience a flexible gym membership so that you try each and every possible type of class and activity, that way, you can find the one that best suits you – you may even surprise yourself with what you pick!


9.         The Rest

Why not try some cool gym gear, maybe not straight away, but nobody wants to be seen in an old t-shirt and bad shorts. Reward yourself with something new or cool, it may help.

From time to time, take a time out and re-evaluate, if it is going the wrong way? There is nothing wrong with stopping and changing your direction. Think differently than you have been, as what you have been doing hasn’t worked.

Finally, stop being so hard on yourself. You may not be where you want to be right now, but at least you are prepared to put your hand up, admit that fact and try and do something about it – many others don’t even bother, and many more quit along the way. Taking these little tips and incorporating them into your own world will give you the best possible chance of succeeding where so many others have failed.

Just keep going, one day at a time.

the author

Andreas Dahlgren

Strength training enthusiast who also has a knack for creative writing..