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Gym equipment for the core

Gym equipment for the core

For a supportive core and rock hard stomach you need to work your torso hard, regularly, and from every possible angle. Our guide to gym machines, along with Jonathan’s ‘Inner Core’ workout plan, will give you all the killer core knowledge you’ll ever need. 

What is your ‘core’?

Many people think their core is just their abs. Not true. Your core muscles are actually several muscles in the abdomen, back, sides, pelvis and buttocks. They are designed to stabilise and protect your spine, wrapping deeply around it. Whether you’re pushing a trolley or playing squash, they are the centre of your body’s stability, strength and support.

Not sure what equipment to use? Here’s some ideas:

  • Cable machine

The cable machine will give you flat abs and a strong core more effectively than crunchies. Pushing and pulling the cables makes the torso muscles move with synchronicity and more naturally. Two great moves to work the abs and core are the Wood Chop exercise, and the Cable Core Press.  Cable machines are really versatile for all body muscles so it’s worth getting used to them.

  • Medicine ball

Most of the cable exercises can also be done with a medicine ball. In fact, weighted balls can be added to most exercises to challenge your core and improve your stability. Try these exercises for beginners or move onto more advanced exercises.

  • Exercise balls

The plank is one of the best core exercises. Performing it on the balance ball raises the intensity. To maintain your balance you will be engaging more core muscles. Warning – this is tough!

  • Exercise bench

To turbo-tone your obliques and transverse abdominals, make good use of weights benches at the gym. Mix and match traditional exercises  like crunchies and leg lifts , with tough reverse crunchies and  sideplanks. Intense but effective for your total core, as well as your back.

In fact, there’s really only two core health rules.

Eat well. Use the gym.