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Get Motivated with our series from Jonathan Lomax

Get Motivated with our series from Jonathan Lomax

We've interviewed Personal Trainer and fitness expert Jonathan Lomax of Lomax Bespoke Fitness, Wellbeing & Nutrition to bring you a series of motivational pieces, including advice and tailored workouts to help you get the most from a healthy lifestyle. Part 1 is about setting yourself a goal that will keep you going, and choosing the exercises that will give you results fast enough to keep you interested...

Advice from a pro, on motivation and goal-setting:

"Although it is probably a bit of a vanity thing, I often find the most motivational factor in getting people fit for the first time or getting people back into fitness is the desire to look good. Burn & Tone. This is the mantra of the modern fitness motivator.

My job is to take this motivational factor – and ensure that people also feel better as a result of their quest for the perfect body and improved health and fitness. Most of the time, looking great has just been painted by the media as looking 'thin’, or for men at the other end of the spectrum, looking buff and building a lot of muscle.

The side-effect of looking good is your health and fitness naturally improve.

The most important thing you can do when starting out on a fitness regime or looking to get back into a fitness regime is to think about sculpting a strong body so when see yourself naked, you feel so amazing that when you are deciding what to wear, you want to pick things that show off your body and demonstrate your strength and confidence

What you need to do, to look good and feel amazing

Most people have in their heads a perfect body – someone we want to look like. It could simply be a 'new improved' version of yourself, someone you know, or a person from the media. Most of my day is spent helping people achieve the goal of achieving this 'new improved' body.

Unfortunately, most people go about achieving this goal the wrong way. The main reason for this is that the media has popularized the myth that weight is the thing to focus on reducing. This one negative obsession – the need to ‘reduce yourself’ down to an ideal weight, has single handedly ruined more bodies and caused more mental grief than anything else I have come across in over 14 years of working on getting people to look and feel great.

Forget about losing weight – it's a false goal. Shape your body!

The most important thing to forget about when you are starting out on your path-to-perfection is your body-weight. This negative assumption should be replaced by positive belief in your body-shape, and in particular which areas of your body you would like to re-shape.

Once you begin to focus on re-shaping your body you can begin to experiment with different fitness regimes that enhance your shape and make you feel awesome. If you want to lose some weight, that can happen as a result of your re-shaping work. If you set weight loss as your main goal, you're less likely to achieve it.

So how do you shape your body? The answer is easy – you need to do exercises with weights. Training with weights is akin to sculpting with a chisel. Weight training can be used to target specific areas you are not happy with and produce visible results in a short-time frame. And let's be clear; the weights are should never be seen as just for the men. Women – if you're only using the cardio machines, you're much less likely to achieve the results you're hoping for."

Keep learning from the Pro's

Thanks to Jonathan for his advice on getting started, and how to set the best goals for yourself at the gym that are most likely to give you results.

Want to learn more from the pros? In Part 2 of our series, Jonathan gives us the theory behind why weights will give you better results, more quickly

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