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Four Ways to Instantly Improve your Strength

Four Ways to Instantly Improve your Strength

Everyone wants to get stronger and with weight training it can be demoralising when you can’t reach your next goal. To improve your strength and get over a plateau, change up your workout.

These 4 techniques will help boost your strength and push you through to the next level of your training:

1.      The Heavier the Better

Lift heavy. It sounds quite simple but realistically if you want to get stronger and increase your lifts, aim for 90% or above of your one-rep max.

This improves your strength by putting your high-threshold motor units to work. The muscles within these particular units have the most potential for pushing your strength further. They do fatigue more quickly than other parts of the body, so maximal lifting is something you should only use in multi-joint exercises such as deadlifts and squats.

You should attempt to lift your chosen weight as quickly as possible maintaining proper form.

2.      Add in Plyometrics

Jump training is great for your endurance and stamina but also good for developing your body’s elasticity.

Plyometric training helps to teach your body more efficient ways of using elastic energy stored in our bodies. It trains the body to react and recover more quickly and can help to reduce muscle tendon stiffness.

This in turn allows you to power through those heavier lifts.

3.      Explode Out

Lifting explosively and with speed lifts help to teach your body how to effectively accelerate and develop power.

60% of your 1 rep max or around this weight is recommended for explosive lifting as you should be able to lift this quickly and effectively.

Some of the most common explosive exercises are the standard Olympic lifts but also kettlebell swings and medicine ball throws.

4.      Quality over Quantity

Many standard workouts have a set rep range. 5 x 5 is common but if you’re looking for strength over size then move this down.

Aim for two or three sets and focus all your energy on the quick and effective movement of the weight.

This method of training has a better effect for improving strength and power, rather than focusing solely on muscle size.


the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.