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Legs are such marvellous inventions, but we tend to neglect them until they attract our attention with aches and pains.  Strong leg muscles support and maintain joints, and toned legs just seem to look better.

Obviously no exercise will change the overall shape or length of your legs. Long, skinny, short, solid – it doesn’t matter, give them some love with the right workout and they will look and feel better.

There are many ways to get stronger legs. Here are four exercise groups to try:

1)     THE LUNGE

Looks simple but works wonders – as always, take care with your technique. Don’t let knee get more than slightly over ankle, keep your core muscles engaged and your back straight. If you want to do some lunges in a spare five minutes, that’s fine, but never do them barefoot.

Here is a quick video demonstration of the lunge:


2.     SQUATS

This is another simple exercise that keeps on giving. The squat tones the core and upper leg muscles as well as building strength for everyday life. No workout should be without a few sets of squats.

Again, watch your technique and take note of the hints for a perfect squat.


There’s nothing better for strong and toned lower legs than calf raises. You can do these on the Smith machine at the gym. Calf raises can also be done at home, with no equipment other than a step.

There’s no need to fear the machines at the gym; here are more ways to use the gym equipment to exercise your legs. Any of the staff will be happy to help you set things up or demonstrate correct use.

4.     JUMP TO IT

Finally, add some cardio work to your leg workout. Plyometrics are explosive jump-training exercises and achieve a lot in a short time. The forces involve give legs a great workout, and are also used as part of High-Intensity Interval Training sessions. Make sure you are thoroughly warmed-up before trying these, and they do need a reasonable level of fitness.

There are plenty of ways to tone your legs. Whether it is for strength, appearance or training for next summer’s events, get those legs looking and feeling good!


the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.