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Featured Gym: Central YMCA Club

Featured Gym: Central YMCA Club


No other facility in the UK has had such an influence upon the health and fitness of the nation (or even the world!) as Central YMCA. The Central YMCA Club is the largest gym facility in central London and the UK’s leading health, fitness and education charity. Since the YMCA’s birth here back in 1844, the Federation has grown to become the world’s largest youth movement, with a presence in over 120 countries and 114 YMCAs in the UK alone.

Located in the heart of London’s West End

The gym is incredibly easy to access, with connections to the Northern, Central and Victoria lines close by. It’s the perfect gym for a pre-work swim, a lunchtime fitness class, or an evening workout.

Hamit Buhara, Gym Manager: “Central YMCA Club is a mecca to all who seek health, performance and body composition development. Our impressive facility allows for a wide range of exercise styles and disciplines that meets our varied membership base. From young to old, from beginner to experienced, there is a programme to suit all who come through our door. The world’s first and in my eyes, the world’s best YMCA.”

The Central YMCA Club is well-equipped to deal with the post-work rush with over 25,000 ft of space, 75 cardio stations, a free weights room, 25m swimming pool, pilates reformer studio, 30 spin bikes, 3 badminton courts a sauna and a steam room. Not to mention the staff – there are more than 40 full and part-time employees at the Club to deliver the largest gym and group exercise class programme in Central London, with over 15 highly qualified fitness staff and 15 personal trainers.

Central YMCA offer more than 125 classes per week including:

Circuits training

Combining resistance training with cardio work, circuit training incorporates short, sharp bursts of activity at a variety of stations. Challenging all aspects of fitness, it’s your one-stop shop to a fitter you. Feeling brave? Choose an Advanced or High Intensity Interval Training Circuit class and push yourself to the next level.


Looking for a quick-fire, whole-body session that will boost your strength and fitness? Then get into the swing with our Kettlebell classes, available in express format and as a workshop for newcomers. These workouts are a full body blitz and challenge shoulder, core and hip stability like no other exercise form. Perfect for getting in shape, generating power and long-term injury prevention.


Embracing the concept of 'loaded movement training', our ViPR classes provide additional resistance to everyday movements. The metre long rubber tube can be carried, rolled, dragged and flipped - all depending upon what our expert instructors have in store for you! A great new approach to functional fitness.

Today, the gym still reflects the abiding principles that helped to make YMCA such a world-renowned organisation, namely to develop a healthy body, mind and spirit, by:

  • welcoming the local community to an award-winning and all-inclusive gym facility;
  • awarding world-class qualifications in health, fitness and wellbeing through Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ);
  • providing world-class fitness training courses through YMCAfit;
  • delivering multi-sector, industry-leading training and life changing Apprenticeships through YMCA Training.

And their members are pretty happy too!

 “I try to swim a mile every week, and the Club is so much bigger and has so much more to offer. There are so many exercise classes and it’s also a very nice place. The instructors are so friendly, and not all about their muscles and having a certain level of fitness. They know their stuff and there’s a great family feeling.” Justin Cowling, YMCA member for 3 years.

Want to give the Central YMCA Club a try? Buy a pass today!

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