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Exercises You Have Been Doing Wrong for Far Too Long

Exercises You Have Been Doing Wrong for Far Too Long

Avoid looking like a novice this year by changing how you’ve been performing popular workout exercises. In your beginner days you probably looked to others for how to perform exercises. If most of the people in the gym are doing the exercise the same way it’s usually safe to deduce that the method you’re watching is correct. However, this isn’t always the case. Here are some of the exercises that gym-goers often get horribly wrong.

Bicep Curls

Far too often people think that lifting the heaviest weights possible if the best way for them to strengthen their muscles. While it’s important to lift weights that challenge you, by lifting something drastically out of your comfort zone you risk injuring yourself. When you doing bicep curls with a weight out of your comfort zone you’ll inevitably use the shoulders and back to help you out. This not only takes impact away from your biceps but it puts the rest of your body in danger. With a bicep curl it’s important to keep your back straight and focus on activating the biceps. If you find yourself contorting your body to compensate for the weight, use a different size weight or perform less curls.

Stomach Curls

One of the most popular exercises you’ll see people doing is the stomach curl. Far too often you’ll see gym-goers tucking their chin forward and in effect unnecessary strain on the neck. You’ll also see people jerking forward when they pull up, which fails to place the ideal strain on the muscles you’re hoping to strengthen. Just because you may be able to do more crunches than your friend doesn’t mean you’re more ripped. Remember that the purpose of the exercise is to cultivate strength. Don’t take the easy way around working out by doing the exercise incorrectly.

Chest Press

When you’re lying down raise the weight in a straight line over your upper chest and bring it back down so that your arm forms a 90-degree angle. Remember to keep your back flush against the floor or pad you’re lying on. Try to only isolate the arms as you’re pushing up and down while leaving the rest of the body at peace.

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Joe is a keen gym-goer, footballer and cyclist. He has a passion for the latest fitness trends and marketing.