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Exercises for strong toned legs

Exercises for strong toned legs

Now the sun is gracing us with its present more frequently, our thoughts turn to holidays and summer outfits. Skirts and shorts are coming out and it won't be long before we dust off our trunks and bikinis. 

Every part of our bodies are striving to look their best. For fit, strong, toned legs – these exercises are right on the ball:

Skater Lunge

To give your quads, hamstrings and glutes a real workout you need to perfect your skater lunge. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms down to your sides. Then take a giant step backwards with your left leg, crossing it diagonally behind your right leg. At the same time extend your right arm to the side and swing the left arm across the hips and then hop to the left and repeat on the opposite side. You look very much like someone skating and your body will thank you for it. A minimum of 20 reps per side is recommended for results.

Stiff Leg Dead Lift

To truly tone and strengthen those hamstrings it’s worth mixing up your standard dead lift with this stiff legged version. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand (weight of your choosing). Hold them with your palms facing the front of your thighs. Raise your head up and push your shoulders back, inhale and push hips back with all the weight on your heals, lowering the torso as you slide each weight down the side of your thighs and back to your starting position. It is recommended you carry out a minimum of 3 x 20 reps each time to see long term results.

Jump Squat

There is no part of your body that doesn’t benefit from a squat. This jumping squat is better for working out both your quads and hamstrings than the standard version however. Once again you need to stand with your feet a shoulder-width apart and lay your arms by your sides. You then need to lower yourself into a standard squat but stop between two-thirds and half way down to your proper position. At this point jump immediately straight up in the air with your arms pointing to the ceiling and on landing return to your squat position. Once again 3 x 20 reps is a good starting place.

Now is the time to start prepping that body - for everyone else's sake if not just for your own - so get down to the gym and get exercising!