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Exercise 101: Mountain Climbers

Exercise 101: Mountain Climbers

A set of Mountain Climbers works almost every key muscle group in the body and offers a combo of muscle and cardio training, as well as being known to help boost flexibility, body strength and blood circulation.

Mountain climbers are a staple of Tabata workouts and circuit training and they do your body a whole lot of good. They use no weights or equipment so you can do them anywhere, any time.

You can take it slowly if you are new to them, but once you’re used to mountain climbers this is a super-fast paced exercise which should have you sweating and really feeling the work in your muscles.

Here is a step by step guide to perfecting your mountain climbers workout:

  • Begin in your standard press up position with your hands directly beneath your chest and positioned at shoulder-width apart. Remember to keep your arms straight and your whole body should be kept straight from shoulders to ankles.
  • Life your right foot from the floor and raise your knee up to your chest, as high and as close to it as you can.
  • Put your right foot down and repeat the move with your left foot and leg.
  • Alternate the movement for as many reps chosen or for a set period of time, the faster you can go, the better.

To give  yourself more of a push, try some variations on the mountain climber:

  1. Cross-body mountain climber - lift your knee and leg diagonally across your body;
  2. Use a stability ball - you need to work in balance as well as getting those legs up;
  3. Slow and measured mountain climbers with close focus on breathing and perfecting form - a great choice if you fancy working your routine a little differently.