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Doing the legwork at the gym

Doing the legwork at the gym

By Jessica Ward

Let’s face it, our legs do a lot for us and deserve some extra attention.  Strong and balanced leg muscles keep us moving and protect the joints from injury, especially the vulnerable knee joint.

Walkers, runners and sportspeople all need to condition their legs for the exercise they want to do. The three parts of the legs that can be improved by exercise are hips, thighs and calves. You can’t improve joint strength, but working the muscles correctly will support the joints and help to prevent problems.

Here are three ways to liven up your workout and strengthen those hard working ‘pins’ at the gym:

Once you’ve done those, here are some more ideas for leg strengthening in the gym.

Do make sure that the machine is set correctly for your build and that that you know how to use it. Never hesitate to ask the staff for help; guessing can cause injuries

Strong legs let us get out and about more – so give your legs some love!