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Cycle your way to fitness

Cycle your way to fitness

Now is the perfect time to tone up those legs in time to show them off this summer. Yes, we are predicted a good one this year so get ready to dust off those shorts!

Cycling builds strong and toned legs and body core, and will easily dispose of 800 calories an hour. It also makes a great indoor workout, with no need to worry about traffic or balance. An exercise bike in the gym is the safest way to cycle with the added bonus of not having to worry about unpredictable weather.

If you want to take your cycling outside, don’t forget to wear long sleeves and trousers as padding, plus closed-in shoes. A helmet is strongly advised especially if you are on the roads.

Whether indoors or out, it is essential to make sure that the bike is correctly adjusted for your height, leg length and arm reach. This is very important as otherwise you risk back and knee injury. Wear close fitting clothes, and good trainers that fit into the straps on the pedals.

Let’s be honest though - pedalling nowhere for an hour on an exercise bike can get rather boring. Try some of these ideas to increase the motivation:

  • Hill climbs; set the programme to take you ‘up hill and down dale’ – and see if there is a video to match!
  • Cycling to music; whether via earphones or from a screen on the bike, music really motivates. Plan your playlist to speed you up and slow you down.
  • Try a different style of bike; how about a dual action which will also work your arms and upper body?

Finally, why not join a class? A cheery instructor and plenty of company – and probably some loud music with a strong beat - will definitely make the time fly.