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Could a pedometer make you fitter?

Could a pedometer make you fitter?

It’s official – a pedometer could change your life.

Before it comes into your consciousness, you might walk most days, be pretty active and consider yourself to be of an athletic nature.

With a pedometer however, you are constantly being reminded by a threatening red line that you’re sitting down too often, not walking enough steps and feeling generally inadequate.

However all this is for the greater good, and the simple fact is that you will end up walking much more than you ever did before.

Pedometers are a great nudge towards doing more exercise and being generally more active. There are several different sorts you can buy, from basic, to those with added bells and whistles.

Take the Garmin Vivofit, for example, which tells you how you’re sleeping, as well as programming the level of walking you should be doing, and making you feel very guilty if you’re not moving!

Pedometers can be very inexpensive and yet can be a great motivational tool. They are also extremely addictive. Just try not glancing down constantly to see if you’ve reached your daily target.

Anything that can spur us on to get more active is a good thing and for the small pang of guilt you get if you’re not walking enough, the feel-good factor when you achieve a goal far out ways it.

It doesn’t just encourage you to walk more though, it also makes you think about your overall fitness.

So you’ll be more inclined to go the gym, get swimming and just take up more activity in your daily life. So the fact you’re slightly addicted to this device around your wrist, well, it’s all worth it in the end. And one day it will stop flashing at you to do more!