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Choosing the Gym that is right for you

Choosing the Gym that is right for you

Choosing the right gym can be the difference in you working out on a regular basis and dreading the day you plan to exercise. Whether a particular gym will work or not for you is highly subjective. It can be something as simple as the atmosphere or a unique vibe you feel about the place. You need to feel comfortable to exercise in a particular environment and only you can know what works for you.

Research shows people will be happy to travel up to 15 miles for the right gym, although this depends whether they live in a rural or urban area. Another key element in deciding which gym is right for you is the goal you have in mind. Do you want to learn a new sport? Work out your whole body or are you not sure? There are gyms that specialise in different things and so the more research you do the better you’ll feel about the situation.

Below we’re taking a closer look at different types of gym and how they might work for you.

Women’s only

Many women feel intimidated in the traditional gym environment which is why women’s only gyms or women’s only sessions have been launched. On top of this there are many religious and spiritual reasons which may make it difficult or unacceptable for you to exercise in the company of men. A women’s only gym can be a bit like a personal club and it’s much easier to strike up friendships with others on the same path as you without feeling intimidated.

Circuit gym

Circuit gyms are rare in the UK but are designed for quick burst workouts. These gyms are set up specifically for you to carry out a circuit around the room at the pace that works best for you. They are set out for you to include cardio, resistance and strength in your workout and it can be as quick as you like to save time. It’s mainly an American concept but there are UK centres giving this type of set up a go.

Hi-Tech Gyms

If you’re a dedicated gym goer then chances are you want to be there when all the newest pieces of kit are launched. Opting for a high-end tech-savvy gym could be the answer for you. There are plenty of state of the art gyms who are dedicated to installing the newest, most technologically advanced equipment as soon as it’s launched. These gyms are also the ones who offer all the tech-based necessities you need including free Wi-Fi, valet parking and other premium services, sometimes including spa and health treatments.

Low-Tech, Great Value Gyms

If you’re new to fitness but fairly confident then why not try a standard gym? You can get inducted into what they offer and then visit on your own terms and save a fortune if you utilise pay as you go facilities. These gyms may not have the latest equipment but they will have everything you need to carry out a full body workout and focus fully on the burn rather than tech.

Sports Club

If you want to try out a new sport then try a local sports centre. Sports clubs offer gym facilities as well as access to a range of different sporting events. Your local sports club may be able to put you in touch with the local football team, tennis club or swimming groups and this could be the additional experience you need to kick your fitness up a notch.

Outdoor Gyms

Why not treat the world as your gym? This may sound a little corny but there are plenty of outdoor boot camps and clubs you can join to get that full gym experience in a local park or if you’re budgeting tightly your own back garden. Outdoor boot camp sessions can be a fast, high intensity way to take your fitness to a new level and it’s a little different than stepping into your regular gym.

Specialist Gyms

There are many unique and different fitness centres across the UK. There are specialist boxing gyms for those looking to hone their boxing skills. There are MMA gyms where mixed martial arts are the name of the game and all equipment is chosen to boost skills in that area. There are also many yoga centres across the centre where you can focus on a range of different yoga styles as well as other relaxation techniques.

Simply going to the gym and not enjoying the experience isn’t really as good for your health as it could be. You’re unlikely to push yourself and achieve new fitness highs if you’re thoroughly miserable throughout your workout. To achieve your goals and learn to love fitness you need to love the environment you’re working out in. Take the time to choose the gym that meets your needs and never settle for second best.