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Can you train with an injury?

Can you train with an injury?

The risk of picking up the occasional injury is part and parcel of an active lifestyle. Most people who are on the mature side of thirty will know that injuries do not heal as quickly as they used to do. This may mean that you need some enforced rest and changes to your activity programme.

If you enjoy being active, having to ‘take it easy’ can take a lot of the fun out of life. What can you do to keep things going while your injury heals?

The most important thing is to follow your medical advice. If you are told to turn down the intensity of the workout or rest a sore joint, do as instructed. If you have been given specific exercises, do them! Be realistic – unless you a professional sportsperson, you have no deadlines and you need to look after yourself.

Swimming is an excellent low-impact workout with minimal strain on joints. Make sure your technique is correct; breast-stroke can be bad for knees and swimming with your head always above the water can strain the neck.

With medical clearance to be exercising, speak to your fitness instructor. They will have ideas for adapting your workout. For instance, an injured shoulder may mean no above-head work; but there are other moves that may be possible.

Most importantly, remember that if it hurts, stop. We all know the difference between the pain of effort and the pain of injury. Think of the long-term picture and get the help of your gym to look after yourself.