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Boxercise 101

Boxercise 101

By Laura Briggs

Taking a variety of forms, Boxercise is a diverse exercise that suits most people. Starting from a basic level you can work up to a high level of fitness in a pretty short amount of time and have fun while doing it!

What is it?

Boxercise is essentially boxing for those who don’t want to hit anyone, but want to tone up and gain a high level of fitness. It can take many forms, and is often done in a class. It can include shadow boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punch bags, press-ups and running on the spot. It requires focus and discipline and it’s a great way to channel aggression and release the pressures of the day.

What are the benefits?

You can do it pretty much anywhere, as long as you don’t mind punching thin air in public.

If you do it three times a week, you’ll be fit in three months, twice a week and you’ll be fit in six months.

It’s great aerobic exercise and it tones up the muscles. You’ll learn how to be light on your feet, learn spacial coordination as well as focus and concentration.

For a 45 minute Boxercise session, here are some ideas:


Who can do it?

Anyone can do it; everyone starts at base level and can quickly improve. As no physical contact is necessarily involved all ages and genders can take part and it is a safe and structured exercise.

What should I wear?

Shorts, T-Shirt and comfortable trainers should be all you need for Boxercise. Pads will be provided in the class.