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Box your way to fitness

Box your way to fitness

Boxing is now one of the most popular ways to get fit. To see the top boxers in action don’t miss the 2014 Commonwealth games in Glasgow. Men and (for the first time ever) women will spend eight tough days fighting for the boxing gold medal.  As one of the toughest commonwealth sports, you’ve got to be super fit, quick and skilful to be a great boxer.

Thankfully you don’t have to get in the ring to reap the benefits of boxing. Most decent gyms now offer boxing-style classes. Boxercise, Body combat and kickboxing are some of the most popular.


What will boxing do for me?

If you’re after a lean, strong, sculpted body then boxing will deliver. Fast. A high intensity workout (often 70% anaerobic), it’s one of the best sports to increase muscle tone, lose weight, boost cardio and strengthen your core. 3 classes a week will get you fighting fit within 3 months.

Boxing is also ideal for anyone wanting to shed weight, burning 350 – 500 calories an hour. It’s particular good for women wanting to lose lower-body fat as bottoms and quadriceps are worked hard.


Ready for a fight?

Body combat. A challenging cardio workout combining karate, boxing, tai-chi and taekwondo. Lots of fun with powerful music and energetic instructors.

Boxercise. Based on the same conditioning training boxers use but without the contact.  Expect kicking, punchbags, skipping, press ups and traditional shadow-boxing moves.

Thai boxing. Increasingly popular in the UK, it’s like regular boxing but with kicks, knee and elbow strikes. Check out this video for a demo.

Boxing courses. You can also take short boxing courses. Fightfit offer 6 week classes at various gyms around the country.

Boxing clubs. Prefer something more hardcore? Local boxing clubs also offer boxing-style classes. To take things even further, the International Boxing Association can help.


Why not commit to try out a class during the commonwealth games? Be inspired by the boxing champions and see the effects for yourself.