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Beat it! Why music makes you move better

Beat it! Why music makes you move better

There are good and bad tunes to exercise to, but the likelihood is that if you choose well – your tunes may well help you workout for longer.

According to some research as long as you match your stride to a musical beat, you can keep moving for longer. By following the beat it increases your effort levels and gives you distractions when you’re starting to flag. But choose wisely, as studies have shown that you need to keep to a certain beat to get the most out of your music.

According to Dr Costas Karageoghis carrying out research at Brunel University in London, the tracks you listen to during exercise should ideally be between 120 and 140 beats a minute.

Music lifts the mood and therefore puts you in a far more positive frame of mind to focus on yourself and your goals, and to go out and achieve them. Some music works better than others  - for example dance music works better than say, classical music, but as long as you enjoy it and keeps to the magic beat rule, you should be flying.

Over 20 years of research and Dr Karageoghis has found certain links between music and increased exercise performance due to three things: 1. the tendency to move in time with synchronous sounds, 2. the tendency of music to increase arousal, 3. the tendency for music to distract the exerciser from discomfort that might be related to exercise.

So while we all love a bit of a sing-along, it’s been shown that getting up and moving to the beat makes perfect sense. If you need some inspiration, check out the ultimate workout playlist, compiled by analysing over 6 million workout playlists on Spotify. Click here to listen. 

What are you waiting for? Start compiling that play list now!