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Barre for Beginners

Barre for Beginners

Most of us are more familiar with the bar than barre. But this ballet-inspired workout class is popping up all over the country and toning muscles faster than you can down a pint. What are you waiting for? Let’s head to the barre!

What is barre?

Barre is a combination of ballet poses and core training using the ballet barre and your own bodyweight. Originally invented by a German dancer in 1959 after injuring her back, Barre workouts are designed to help you achieve a strong, streamlined body, just like a dancer, but with zero impact.

The exercises are made from tiny squeezes and pulses which work muscles to fatigue,  as well as using balls, bands and small hand weights.

Who should try barre?

Barre is suitable for anyone who wants to get strong, fit, lose some weight or just fancies something a little different.

You do not need to be very flexible or have any dancing experience. Barre is particularly kind on joints making it suitable for anyone looking for low-impact workouts. 

The core of each muscle is targeted and trained, allowing your body to burn more calories during the day. This makes Barre excellent for dropping a size as your body tightens up.

It’s also perfect for people who are short on time as it includes all the ingredients of a whole workout in half the time. 

If you participate in other sports such as running or tennis you may also find Barre helps your sport by improving posture, hip openness and improved balance.

What to expect?

A typical class will take you through an hour of intense muscle and cardio training, including warm up and cool down. One muscle group is targeted at a time. For example, thighs are pushed to their limit with plies, buttocks with kicks and the arms with weights and endless reps.  Expect a constant burn and even shaking as muscles are worked to a depth most other classes can’t reach. 

Most importantly – expect to have fun and to walk out feeling lighter, happier and even a tiny bit taller! 

What to wear?

Think yoga clothing. Anything stretchy and tight like spandex and a sports tank top is comfortable to move in and allows you to see your form in the mirrors.  In terms of footwear, you are best in bare feet. If you want to wear something on your feet, or the class is on carpet, choose grippy socks.

Ready to nurture your inner ballerina? Try out a class today. 

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