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Are you tough enough for the Viking Method?

Are you tough enough for the Viking Method?

If gimmicks, fads and the latest fitness craze is something you avoid like the plague, then the Viking Method might just be for you.

The Viking Method is a bodyweight based training method. Based purely on functional training to make the most of your body and hone its shape to a long, lean athletic profile, it brings together anaerobic and aerobic resistance training in just the right combination to push your body hard.

You work out at the highest intensity you can and effectively ‘shock’ your metabolism into burning fat and building that lean, athletic physique.

As training methods go, the Viking Method has plenty of rules but it’s these rules that ensure it works.

The Viking Method is all about extremes. You’re ‘shocking’ your metabolism and you’re fighting through pain barriers. Using functional moves, the Viking Method is based on 30-45 seconds of all-out energetic cardio and static moves, alternated to push your body to the max.

An example move would be to push your hardest through a set of burpees and then move, without rest, into the plank.

This video shows some other moves in the Viking Method:


Other rules which are integral to the Viking Method delivering the results you’re looking for include avoiding bananas. Yes, the go-to pre-workout food is off limits for this method as the sugar hit it delivers confuses the body, according to Svava Sigbertsdottir, the designer of the programme. In fact, all sugars and carbs are banned for 90 minutes before you train – with protein and fat her recommended choices.

Another key element of this programme is that it’s all about becoming one with your inner Viking. This means no prim and proper aerobics sessions. It means down on the ground, screaming, shouting and crawling around in the mud as you push yourself to your limits. The scales are out, body measurements are out. The Viking Method is all about performance and how your body feels.

Expect to feel pain, expect to push yourself harder than ever before, but also expect to feel the fantastic benefits of giving your body a truly solid and functional workout.

Want to try out some of these moves? Find your next workout here.

the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.